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5 Tips That’ll Help You Organize Fridge Better

Your fridge is meant to store food items, it is not a place when you keep your garbage. Ohh, you don’t know what I’m talking? Then, why is there a rotten egg and vegetables inside your fridge? Even that slice of pizza that you ordered last week is still there inside your fridge.

An unorganized fridge not only looks horrible but also stinks equally bad. The only reason your veggies get spoiled is because you don’t know how to store them.

You need to understand that your fridge is not cold storage, where you can put anything you want and it’ll stay fresh forever. You need to learn which is the coldest place inside your fridge and which is warmer, then store the food items accordingly.

It might sound like science, but don’t worry. Here are some good tips and tricks that will help you to organize fridge that will not look clean but also keep your food items fresh for a long time.

1. The top section (below the freezer)

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It is the second coldest place inside your fridge, it’s purpose is to store packed items such as pickles and McCain smiles. You can also store some fruits items in it, such as grapes and melons.

2. The middle section

This section of your fridge always has a constant temperature which is ideal for most of your leftover and other food items such as milk, pre-chopped vegetables/fruits, and raw eggs. Just remember to consume them within 3-4 days.

3. The bottom section (For vegetables and fruits)

Your fruits and vegetables require moisture to stay fresh for a long time. Placing fruits and vegetables in this section will offer them plenty of moisture so that they won’t shrivel. Just make sure not to put everything blindly inside your fridge.

4. Door

This is the warmest part of a fridge. Other than keeping water bottles and juice, you can also keep things like butter, cheese, and seasonings inside this section of your fridge. Place butter at the top, seasonings in the middle and at the bottom you can keep drinks to get chilled.

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5. Added tips

Although the door comes with a section where you can keep the eggs but it is not recommended. Middle section provide the better temperature range that’ll keep the eggs fresh for a long time.

Also, make sure not to overstuff your fridge, keep some space for vegetables to breath. So keep some space for the cold air to circulate easily, this will keep your food item fresh and increases their shelf life, also it’ll help you to better organize fridge.

In Conclusion:

Now you know exactly how to organize fridge, so in case some of your guests open it, they won’t die with the smell of rotten eggs. And you won’t die because of the embarrassment.

Also, now your vegetables stay fresh for a long time, remember they still won’t stay fresh forever.
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