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7 Ultimate Tips To Deliver An Outstanding Presentation

Presentations are important, especially when you are introducing something new. It can be about anything, new launch, college projects, business proposal or the boring annual report of your company.

We all are familiar with the concept of presentation. It is just a way of a talking, a way that can help you sound more appealing.

Have you ever seen Steve Jobs launching a new Apple product? Isn’t he mesmerizing, the way he gets on the stage and then delivers his presentation, which I think has become one of the biggest reason for their sales.

I don’t know about you but I was pretty impressed with Steve’s charm on the stage. If you want to look like him when delivering your next business pitch, read our tips to deliver an outstanding presentation.

1. Tell a captivating story

Outstanding presentation

Everyone has got their own story, which is quite similar to yours. Use this as an advantage and start with a compelling story that reminds them of their time. Create a bond with your audience and make them laugh, if your story is compelling enough, they will give you all the attention you need. This trick can even make shitty conversations sounds interesting.

2. Ask rhetorical or thought-provoking questions

Outstanding presentation

Just make sure not to pick questions out of the context. If you are able to ask the right question in the right way you can easily influence your audience.

3. Add facts and figures

Outstanding presentation

Including statistics and headlines concerning the main objective of your presentation can help your audience to trust you and what you are saying easily. Just make sure to use all the positive facts and figures.

4. Use powerful quotes

outstanding presentation

Include the saying of wise men that everyone knows about. Why? Because everyone trusts them and if you tell them you are doing the same thing, they will trust you as well.

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5. Use gripping images

Outstanding presentation

A picture says a thousand words. Add images into your presentation to make the message memorable. Not just this, by adding images into your presentation, you’ll make it easy for your audience to understand the main purpose of the presentation. Also, just using words are quite boring.

6. Take help from props

Outstanding presentation

Presentations can get boring, use props to keep your audience in their seats. Take help from props that are not too graphic and you’ll get the complete attention of your audience. Just make sure not to start dancing around like a joker.

7. Play a short video

Outstanding presentation

Not everyone gives a video presentation, but don’t follow the same path. Unlike the old conventional, slides filled with graphs and bullet point, videos can help to evoke emotions of your audience, add drama and makes thing less boring.

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In Conclusion

I wish I knew these hacks, to give an outstanding presentation before. But that’s okay.

At least, now you know them and I’m sure you are going to use these tips into your next presentation. Not just in presentation, you can use these hacks into your daily talk to sound more interesting.

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