Over 2 Lakh 'H-1B Visa' Workers Mostly Indian May Lose Legal Status By June - Viral Bake

Over 2 Lakh ‘H-1B Visa’ Workers Mostly Indian May Lose Legal Status By June

After getting 60-day limits to leave the country the H-1B visa holders are now on verge of losing the legal status. The Trump administration last month said that those without jobs would have just 60 days to leave the country.

As per the rules, the H-1B recipients can only remain in the country legally for 60 days without being paid. A big chunk of these H-1B visa holders is Indians in the U.S. With companies cutting strength due to COVID-19 many have lost their jobs and are now set to become illegal immigrants.

A Washington D.C.-based think tank Niskanen Center has put the numbers in front. As per their data around 250,000 guest workers seeking a green card in the U.S.—about 200,000 of them on H-1B visas—could lose their legal status by the end of June. The data also shows that three-quarters of H-1B visas holders are working in the technology industry.

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Though millions of Americans have lost their jobs those on visas are the ones who are vulnerable. On 20th April on all immigration to protect American jobs. This was followed by an order blocking green card requests from foreigners for 60 days. The visa crisis has presented a catastrophe at a human level and an economic level in the U.S.

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