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Over 20 Children Held Hostage, 9 Hours Of Operation In A Night Of Tension In Farrukhabad

In a night that was full of tension and action, 23 children were rescued from the men who held them hostage. The horrific events unfolded in Uttar Pradesh’s ‘Farrukhabad’. A murder accused ‘Subhash Batham’ took captive 23 children.

Batham, who was armed and accused of murder, took hostage over 20 children on Thursday. He invited the children for a birthday party as a part of his plan. He called the children around 3 PM yesterday. Around 5 PM he fired a bullet injuring a policeman and a local.

Taking the seriousness of the situation into consideration SP and DM of the area were rushed to the spot. The intensity of operation can be understood by the fact that NSG (National Security Guard) commandos were deployed. The CMO (Chief Minister Office) was also keeping a constant watch.

After 7 hours of operation, the man released a girl. Around 1 AM early Friday morning the locals were able to break through his house. The man also held his wife and children as hostages.

His wife was beaten up by locals and later succumbed to injuries in the hospital. Around 1:30 AM Friday police confirmed the death of Batham. All the children were rescued. Police also informed that the man was of an unstable mind.


Earlier Batham was known to have sent a letter addressed to the local district magistrate. He complained about the lack of toilet facilities in his house and alleged that he had been denied government housing in the letter. He further wrote that his ailing mother has to defecate in open.

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This was said to have become his motive for the act. Corruption and delays in government offices is not new. However, when the citizens are frustrated to such an extent then the corrupt administration has to open its eyes.

Inputs from India Today

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