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4 Simple Tips To Overcome Internet Addiction That Won’t Ask You To Stop Using Your Phone

Advancement in technology has made our life so easy. The modern smartphone that each one of us carries is not just to make calls, it’s a mini computer, a portable camera, a way to get to the internet and what not.

But remember there are always two sides of a coin. This modern technology has made this easy for us but it is also making us addict. The Internet is one of the best advancement in technology, a smartphone wouldn’t be so smart without the internet.

But have you ever noticed you are becoming an internet addict?

I know you must be thinking that you are not an addict and especially not an internet addicts. Then, justify why you are always on your phone scrolling through stupid Instagram posts or irrelevant facebook feed? No answer, right?

Well, I have the answer, it’s because you have become an internet addict. Don’t worry, it’s not just you, most of us are trapped in the cage of this modern technology that we called the Internet.

Why is it a bad thing and what to do?

Have you ever imagined how much time you waste every day on the internet? The time that you should have used to study for your exams, finish your half-written novel or anything important. If you understand why it is bad for you, then its time for you to make some good changes in your life start from digital detox.

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Cut back from the internet (start it slow) and overcome your internet addiction. Here are the 4 simple ways to do so.

1. Block the notification from unnecessary apps

Internet addiction

Notifications that you get from your phone is what usually makes you check your phone every 5 minutes. Block the notifications from all the shopping apps, games, and customize your feed from your social media apps.

Also, mute the conversation from all the unnecessary groups on Whatsapp. Because you know you are going to waste a lot of time, once you picked up your phone.

2. Remind yourself what you really need to do

Internet addiction

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Just like all the addiction, internet addiction also depends on your will-power. If you want to free yourself from this, then you have to think about what you really love to do as a kid (or when there was no internet). Was it painting? Was it reading? Or something else, make up your mind and think about what you need to do.

Because that scrolling is not going to help.

3. Limit your options, delete what you don’t need

Internet addiction

Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, and WhatsApp seems fine, as everyone uses them and you might (I’m just assuming) have to use these apps for work related things. Delete all the apps that you don’t use very frequently and use to pass time (or should waste time).

Also, limit yourself from continuously visiting your most used apps.

4. Use Digital Wellbeing

Internet addiction

Internet addiction is a big issue and everyone know this, that’s now our smartphones come with a unique feature called “Digital Wellbeing.” Its purpose is to limit your visits on social media or any other app. You can limit how much time you want to spend on a particular app.

Once the time is up, the app will be disabled for the day.

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Don’t be a digital slave any more

Use these 4 simple ways to stop internet addiction. And the important part is that you won’t have to completely cut-off yourself from the internet if you use these simple options.

Spend time with your family, your friends and by doing things that you should be doing. Instead of wasting your time on the internet. The change will help you to reduce your stress and make your life little more healthy.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is an old thing now, It’s time for JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out)

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