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Page Boy Steal The Show by Kissing The Flower Girl

Cute moments caught on the camera.

Weddings are pretty fun as there are so many funny stories that we get to witness. Recently, at a wedding in the Philippines, something cute but funny happened. And to witness that, all the eyes shifted from the newly wedded couple to the little page boy.

Newlyweds Alfred Lu and Jamaica should have been the main pull for the people, attending their wedding. But, the spotlight was stolen when the little boy reacted and kissed the flower girl on the instructions of the photographer. What makes it interesting is that the instructions were meant for the bride and groom and not for the page-boy.

page boy wedding photo page boy wedding photo

What exactly happened at the wedding that made the Page Boy viral?

To present the bride and groom with a memorable picture of their wedding, Photographer John Clegg lined up the bridesmaids and groomsmen. And in order to make it look more adorable and beautiful, he placed two cute little kids in front of the bride and groom, with their hand on their eyes.

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The scene indeed looked very sweet but when the photographer told the bride and groom to lock lips, the cute Page Boy thought that the photographer is telling him to kiss the flower-girl.
He grabbed the flower-girl by surprise and then kissed her on her cheeks. This gesture of cute page boy has left everyone with Aww, and the footage is now going viral over all the social media platforms.

See in the video:

What I think:

I bet this incident is something the Bride and Groom will always remember about their wedding day. After all, it’s not only funny but also really-really cute at the same time. I would definitely want something of this sort to happen on my wedding day.

What about you? 


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