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Pakistan Claimed That Unarmed Indian Missile Entered Its Land

Pakistan Government has said that an unarmed Indian supersonic missile from Sirsa and landed 124 km inside Pakistan borders. The missile was at 40,000 feet altitude and imposed threat on passenger flights in Pakistani airspace, civilians and property on the ground. Ministry of Defense and Indian Air Force did not give any response to the claim.

Major General Babar Iftikhar, Director General Inter Services Public Relations of Pakistani Armed Forces said in a press conference that, “a high-speed flying object was picked up inside Indian flying territory by Air Defense Operations Centre of the Pakistani Air Force. From its initial course the object suddenly maneuvered towards Pakistani territory and violated Pakistan’s airspace ultimately falling near Mia Channu.”

Pakistani Military said that there was no human casualty and there were no sensitive installations in the region but due to the missile a wall fell down. An agreement was made in 2005 between India and Pakistan on pre-notification of testing of any missiles.

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According to the agreement before testing any ballistic missile each nation has to notify the other at least three days in advance and it has to tell whether surface to surface, land or sea launched missiles will be tested. It also says that launch sites should not fall under 40 km from the International Border and planned impact area should not be within 75 km from International Border or Line of Control.

Major General Iftikhar said, “Whatever caused this incident to happen, it is for the Indians to explain, Pakistan strongly protests this flagrant violation and cautions against recurrence of any such incident in future.”

Tariq Zia, spokesperson of Pakistan Air Force said, “Missile was picked up at a high-altitude of 40,000 feet and was traveling at a speeding axis of Mach 2.5 and ultimately Mach 3.” According to him the missile was in Pakistani borders for 3 minutes 44 seconds. He added, “While we have recovered the debris… we can so far deduce it was a supersonic missile, an unarmed missile. Details are yet to come.”

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