Pakistan Moves To Malaysia To Counter India

Pakistan has once again stepped in to take advantage of stress in India’s bilateral relations with other nations. Recently India imposed informal restrictions on the import of Palm oil from Malaysia. The move strained the relations of the two countries to some extent.

Pakistan now has committed Malaysia that it would buy more Plam oil from it to compensate for the loss from India’s restriction. The commitment came from Pakistani PM Imran Khan who is on a visit to Malaysia. India put this informal restrictions last month in retaliation for Malaysia’s criticism of India’s Kashmir policy. The government informally asked traders to stop buying Palm oil from Malaysia.

“That’s right, especially since we noticed India threatened Malaysia for supporting the Kashmir cause, threatened to cut palm oil imports,” said Imran Khan on his move. Pakistan bought 1.1 million tonnes of palm oil from Malaysia last year. While India bought 4.4 million tonnes, according to the Malaysian Palm Oil Council.

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Last month Pakistan bought around 135,000 tonnes of Malaysian palm oil which is a record high. However, in spite of such record purchase, Pakistan is not in a capacity to counter India’s demand even if it doubles it. Tensions between India and Pakistan are on high ever since the revocation of Article 370.

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