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A Sweet Gesture Of Peace From Pakistan

We Indians love cricket and the whole world knows that.

But what we love more is India Vs Pakistan match. Currently, both the countries are playing in the Asia Cup 2018 which is held in Dubai.

Recently on 19 September, India was playing against Pakistan and the stadium was packed with the cricket fans from all over the world.

full stadium cricket match

As the India Vs Pakistan match is the core event of this Asia Cup. For us Indians and many other cricket fans, India playing against Pakistan is one of the most happening events in the cricket field.

The stadium was fully packed but that’s normal. India won the match and that’s normal too. But then something happened that none of us imagined.

Before the start of the match, a cricket fan from Pakistan started to sing the Indian National Anthem. Isn’t it a sweet gesture of Peace from the citizens of Pakistan.

pakistani singing indian national anthem

Adil Taj is a 29 years old Pakistani cricket fan who attended the India Pakistan match that was held on 19 September, in  Dubai. Luckily, the camera caught the man singing Indian National anthem and both the countries are praising Adil on the social media.

But why he did it?

The answer is simple, just like many of us he also believes in Humanity.  The humanity that he saw when all the Indians present in the stadium stood up when Pakistani National Anthem was played to pay their respect towards their fellow country.

pakistani singing indian national anthem

After seeing this Adil got touched and join the Indians by singing their National Anthem while wearing the Pakistani national flag.

This simple gesture of peace shows that citizens of both the country are moved on and there is no need for war.

pakistani singing indian national anthem

Indian love Pakistani and Pakistani citizens don’t have any problem with Indians. Time is changing and maybe both the countries can get to forgot what happened in the past and become their closest allies.

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