Pakistan’s ‘Dawn’ Newspaper Editor Shares Graph To Praise Yogi Government For Well Handling Coronavirus Crisis

Fahd Hussain, the Editor of Pakistan’s ‘Dawn’ newspaper, has praised the Yogi government in UP for handling coronavirus better than Pakistan and Maharatsra in a series of tweets. He has also criticised Pakistan and Maharastra for mishandling the pandemic.

Source – The Tribune

Hussain tweeted a graph, prepared by an expert, to compare the Covid-19 death toll in Pakistan and Uttar Pradesh and explain how the two handled the crisis and what was its impact.

As per the graph, Pakistan has a population of 208 million and UP has a population of 225 million. And despite entertaining a higher population, UP’s COVID-19 death rate is almost seven times lower than what of Pakistan. Fahd had also compared Pakistan’s stats with Maharastra.

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He tagged a comparative graph with another tweet and said: “While the Indian state of UP has a lower mortality rate than Pakistan, Maharashtra has a higher rate despite younger population and higher GDP/capita. We must know what UP did right and Maharashtra did wrong to learn the right lessons.”

For the unaware, mortality rate is the no. of deaths in a given period of time.

His stats, when shared on the internet invited mixed responses. While many praised the same, some people were left irked. Have a look:

ViralBake Telegram

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