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7 Ways How People Are Misusing your PAN Card Without Your Consent

PAN card was considered as the go-to ID proof, when Adhaar card and Voter ID were not that popular.

But today, PAN card isn’t accepted everywhere. The reason behind this is that it doesn’t contain your address and hence can be only considered as a valid photo ID proof and not a proof of address and identity.

Does this mean PAN Card isn’t valuable anymore?

misuse of PAN cards

Of course not. PAN card still remains to be the universal identification key to track your financial transactions. Especially, when it comes to those finances that might have a taxable component to prevent tax evasion.

Also, you would still need to have it for banking related things. If you want to open a bank account, receive a taxable salary in your bank account or purchase assets above the specified limit, PAN card is a must. However, with the strict ruling and widespread importance of Aadhar card, most of you tend to forget how important your PAN card is.

And so, you don’t think twice before giving away your PAN card details to anyone. This includes financial websites, friends, tele-callers, web portals that claim to check your Cibil score and what not. But, you should really keep your PAN card details safe and make sure that you don’t give it away to anyone and everyone or it will get misused.

How is your PAN card getting misused?

You might assume, that now everything you have is linked with your Aadhar and it means that all is well. If you think this way, you will for sure end up getting into trouble. You should know that there are many ways by which anyone can misuse your PAN card details and you wouldn’t even know about it.

To make sure that you are aware of the methods and keep yourself safe from these troubles, here are 7 ways how people are misusing your details-

1. Railway Stations Tatkal Booking

Misusing your PAN Card

You all book tatkal tickets and give away your PAN card number easily. Be it on an online ticket reservation portal or to a ticket agent. But, have you ever wondered what would happen if someone notes down your details from the chart displayed on trains and platforms? Obviously, you don’t.

But let me tell you, it is a real thing. Try to pay attention to railway platforms. You can easily spot well dressed young men jotting down PAN card numbers from railway charts. And mind you, they get paid for each entry. And yes, they provide it to people who use it for illegal activities which will be on your name.

2. False Businesses On Your Name

Misusing your PAN Card

If you think that people can’t do anything with your details, even if they procure it, you are wrong. People can establish business firms under your name and you wouldn’t even know unless the Income Tax department sends you a notice asking about the transactions of crores on your PAN account.

Yes, this can happen. People have been a victim of such frauds where business empires are run by using their PAN card details. If you want to keep yourself away from such illegal activities, don’t just give away your details unless it’s really required.

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3. Jewelry traders on a large bill

Misusing your PAN Card

This is something you might have come across if you have purchased jewelry in the past. With the agenda to curb black money in India, every jewelry trader in India is supposed to collect taxes at source. For that, they ask the PAN details from the customer for TDS activities. But some customers don’t provide them with those details.

So, what do the traders do? They ask people to get them Binami PAN numbers which are collected from various sources. Obviously, none of those PAN details are legally provided. They are stolen or copied from railways stations, finance portals etc. and are falsified to save paying taxes.

4. Second- hand car dealers

Misusing your PAN Card

When you buy a second- hand car, you need to provide the dealers with your PAN card details, especially if you are paying cash. But, you should be aware that if it falls into the hands of an illegal car trader, he might go ahead and use it for various TDS activities.

Even though you are not related with any of those transactions and someone quotes your PAN for TDS, it will appear on your Form 26AS (annual consolidated credit statement). And yes, the Income Tax department will grill you for those transactions.

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5. Travel agents

Misusing your PAN Card

Traveling abroad can be fun. But you still need to be vigilant if you don’t want to get back and read a notice from IT department related to transactions you don’t even know about. When you apply for a VISA, you provide them with your documents.

Fraudsters keep an eye on such applications and it’s possible that they might call you and ask about your travel dates as such. This, then ensures that while you are away, they can use your PAN details for large card transactions or any illegal financial activity. Any which ways, it means trouble for you.

6. Stalkers on Social media sites

Misusing your PAN Card

Do you give away your full name, date of birth and other personal details on your Facebook, Twitter or Insta profile? If yes, then you are calling out for fraudsters to use your Pan details. The website KnowYourPAN, which is an official government site for a user’s benefit, is prone to be misused.

If the stalker gets basic details like your surname, date of birth and father’s name, he/she can easily procure your PAN details and carry on with passing it to various sources that will use it for their personal benefit. Always keep your personal details to yourself.

7. Bogus Online portals

Misusing your PAN Card

Ever tried to check your Cibil score? I know there are thousands of platforms from where you can get your Cibil score, but you need to makes sure that you only provide it to authentic portals. They can manipulate your details for many TDS activities which you will be accounted for.

Keep checking your Form 26AS after every few months. It will allow you to keep an eye on your finances. And also make sure that you don’t get yourself sucked into the fraudulent spiral of falsified data under your name.

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In Conclusion:

You don’t need to get scared and stop using your PAN altogether, because clearly, you can’t do that. You need to use it for your tax purposes. Just make sure you know to differentiate between a friend and foe. Don’t trust anyone with your PAN details, not even with the photocopy. Also, try and use any other form of ID proof wherever you can.

Just remember- If you keep your PAN card safe, it will keep you away from any financial related trouble in turn.

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