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Paranormal Activity Or What? Video Of ‘Self Moving’ Exercise Machine Has Left The Netizens Clueless

Netizens were left clueless as the video of the self exercising machine started going viral yesterday. The video which showed an exercise machine in a park moving on its own left the viewers what it actually was. The first and instant thought in the mind was that it was some paranormal activity.

There was also confusion about the location where the video was from. Some said that it is from Delhi while the other said it was from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh. Well, actually the video was from Kashiram Park in Jhansi.  The clarification was received once another video showing the actual reason behind the self-movement of the machine came.

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While we look into that as well but first see what the netizens said about the video of what is now labeled as “ghost gym”:

Actually it was the overly greased parts of the machine that were causing the self-movement. The video that came as an explanation showing how once triggered the machine keeps on moving on its own.

Cricketer turned commentator Akash Chopra who shared the video yesterday was amongst the first to share the explanation video as well. Well, this magic of Physics at work scared many while haunting the locals. What was your take on it?

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