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Parenting Guide: Teaching You About The Childhood Fears By Age And How To Deal With Them

Everyone has some or other kind of fear that they are trying to fight. Not just adults but even toddlers have fear which generally changes every year.

Your kid might be scared of dogs, or doesn’t like to go to school because he had a bad stomach ache on his first day at school. Children often worry about very weird things. For e.g., 2 years old thinks it will hurt real bad while taking a dump.

These simple worries can give your kid anxiety and believe me there is nothing worse than seeing a kid suffer. Being a parent it’s your job to teach your kid about the truth behind his/her fears (as half of the times these fears are just mental restrictions and nothing else).

Here is our parenting guide that will teach about childhood fears. So that you know how to help your kid and become a better parent.

Age 2-4 (Potty fears)

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Yes, you heard it right, fear of potty is a common thing among kids aged 2-4 years. They have several issues with the concept of taking a dump. They are constantly worried that it might hurt to poop and what if they fall inside the potty (Don’t worry, there’s nothing weird). Some kids are even scared of the flushing sound.

The best way you can teach them to get over this fear is by taking help from cartoon shows that are specifically made for kids of 2-4 age. These cartoons are kind of their best friend and they can portray taking a dump as a normal and regular thing. It will make their fear go away slowly.

Other than fear of potty, they usually get scared of the dark, sleeping alone, water and loud noises like thunder. Also, shadows often appear to them as ghosts. It all fades away eventually.

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Age 5-7 (Ghosts, zombies, and monsters scares them)

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Though, the fear of potty may continue for some kids at this age. But the fear of ghosts and zombies is what makes them more worried. They are afraid of getting away from their parents. Sleeping in their room can be very hard for them from time-to-time.

According to their story, there is a monster under their bed. The best way here is, to give them time to figure out things on their own. Usually, these fears come from TV shows that have a scary theme. Talk to them about it in a friendly way and tell them the difference between a TV show and reality. Just don’t scold them, it will only worsen the situation.

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They often fear teachers as well. Teachers who always speak in a loud voice and make them feel unappreciated. Make sure to appreciate their work to boost their confidence. This will free them from their fears.

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Age 8-11 (Bad guys and bullies)

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By this age, your kid starts to understand school life. They have learned the concept of friends and all over they are living a happy life. But fear never leaves them. They are grown-ups, they have started to step out of the house into this big world.

Just like their favorite cartoons, they have started their own adventures, which means they have to beware of the bad guys. It’s the time for you to introduce your kids to a role model. Because if you leave them on their own, they might end up becoming a part of the group that bullies others or be bullied by one such group. Guide them to a good influence.

This will help them get over the fear of bad guys and bullies. Also, they will learn to take stand for the right thing and not end up becoming a bully.

Age 12-18 (fear of becoming a failure)

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Teenage is quite a hard phase for your kids. Their body is changing, their school is about to end and they don’t want to fail in any subject. During the age of 12-18, kids usually worry about school and other school-related problems.

Fear of failing school, girl/boy troubles and fear of giving a school presentation are some of the most common fears they go through. Mostly, this is misinterpreted as kids gone rebellious, but the reality is different. They are just confused and their morale is down. All you need to do is be their friend and talk to them openly about their problems.

According to our parenting guide, the best thing you can do to help your kid is by giving them control. You know he/she is not going to fail, encourage and praise them, give them some moral support. So that they can feel more confident as this is what they are lacking.

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Being a parent is a huge responsibility but it is also a very satisfying feeling. You will have a constant concern, whether you are doing the job in the right way or not. It’s a good thing now you have read this parenting guide that will allow you to help your kid to get over their fears.

Be a better parent, because good parenting raises up good kids! 

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