Passwords Vs Passkeys: Read About The Advantages and How To Do It?

There is a more secure method of logging in to applications and websites that do not require the use of passwords. It’s called a passkey, and companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Google have already accepted the new technology. 

How Is A Passkey Different From A Password?

A passkey uses a string of encrypted data kept on your phone or laptop, as well as authentication from you via a face scan, fingerprint scan, or PIN, to access a website or app. There is no password exchange.

“A passkey is a FIDO credential stored on your computer or phone, and it is used to unlock your online accounts,” Google wrote in an October blog post, referring to the new Fast IDentity Online Alliance standard. “It works using public key cryptography and proof that you own the credential is only shown to your online account when you unlock your phone.”

When Did Passkeys Gain Popularity?

Passkeys are growing increasingly popular as it becomes more difficult to protect our digital privacy, particularly when individuals are asked to remember an increasing number of passwords. 

A recent research poll found that over 70% of Americans are concerned about the number of passwords they must remember. Passkeys are also useful for enterprises. 

Businesses can incur enormous charges, or possibly millions of dollars in fines if their consumers are the victims of cyberattacks. Passkeys can help to lessen the chance of this occurring.

How Can It Help?

Phishing is a sort of fraud in which attackers try to trick victims into revealing personal information, typically through phone calls or emails, and then use that information to obtain access to an account. 

“Password-based attacks are becoming easier and more common,” according to Steve Won, chief product officer of 1Password, a business that employs passkeys. Passkeys protect your personal information better than passwords. 

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