Pasta For Weight Loss – Which One To Choose?

Are you trying to get rid of a few extra pounds that piss you off? In case your answer is yes, then you should avoid refined flour aka maida at any cost. Thankfully, there are many substitutes for refined flour in the market, and pasta is one of them.

But one more question arises, which type of pasta should be taken to make the fitness journey better. If you are also confused about Durum wheat and Whole-wheat pasta, we are here to help.

Whole-Wheat Pasta

Whole Wheat Pasta

Considered the best choice among the fitness freaks, whole wheat pasta offers amazing nutritional benefits. It contains vitamin E found in bran and germ and has antioxidants. It is also rich in fiber and protein.

It is also effective in controlling blood sugar and is rich in carbohydrates. Those having diabetes can also enjoy whole wheat pasta without worrying about their health. Whole wheat pasta is also helpful in avoiding cardiovascular diseases and keeps our immune system strong.

Durum Wheat Pasta

Durum Wheat Pasta

Durum Wheat is one of the prominent species of wheat. Also called Triticum Aestivum Vulgare, it is high in gluten and protein. It is considered the best suitable wheat for making bread, pasta, and noodles.

Durum Wheat contains almost twice as much lutein comparison to bread wheat. It also helps in balancing cholesterol and is effective in regular bowel movements. Durum Wheat is believed to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Which one to choose?

Both whole-wheat pasta and durum wheat pasta have extraordinary health benefits and weight loss properties. One thing that should be kept in mind is that durum wheat is harder than whole wheat.

Also, everyone’s body and fitness journey are unique. Before reaching any conclusion, it is better to analyze each and every aspect very carefully. Start your fitness journey by choosing the best for you. 

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