Pay $8 To Get A Blue Tick On Twitter, What Else Will You Get?

After a little bit of bargaining exercise with Stephen King, Elon Musk has decided to charge $8 per month for keeping a blue tick profile on Twitter. At first, he was playing with other users of Twitter with the idea of charging $20 monthly for sustaining a blue tick.

Pay $8 To Get A Blue Tick On Twitter

Elon Musk’s Bargaining Style For Setting The Price of Blue Tick On Twitter

Elon first asked Stephen King about the idea of charging $20 as the fee for keeping a blue tick on Twitter. But the author replied, ‘F*** that, they should pay me. Then he bargained and replied ‘How about $8?’.

Afterwards, Elon announced that he is fixing the monthly fee for the tick at $8 for all Twitter users. He thinks that this new subscription system will end “Twitter’s current ‘lords and peasants system’”, which according to him is meaningless.

What Is A Blue Tick On Twitter?

Blue Tick on anyone’s Twitter profile denotes its authenticity. So, celebrities, Government Institutions, Politicians, and many other important Twitter accounts can apply for an authentic verification. “To receive the blue badge, your account must be authentic, notable and active”, as per existing Twitter policy.

Why Charges For Keeping A Blue Tick?

“We need to pay the bills somehow! Twitter cannot rely entirely on advertisers,” said Elon. in his point of view imposing the charges is the only way to “defeat the bots and trolls”.

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What Else Will The Twitter Accounts Paying $8 Per Month Will Get Other Than A Tick?

In a long conversation, Elon talked about the other benefits which a user paying $8 per month will get:

  • Accounts paying $8 a month will get priority in replies, mentions and searches, which according to Elon is a must to defeat spam and bots.
  • Users will also be able to post videos and audio with long runtime.
  • Ads will be shown less.
  • Moreover, the publishers willing to collaborate with Twitter will be able to bypass the pay system.
  • A secondary tag will be placed under the name of someone who is a famous public figure like a politician.

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