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Meet These Living Centenarians Who Are Cheating Death Everyday Like A Boss

Are you fed up with your Life?

Are you counting days and sinking back into a black hole of depression because you think you have seen it all?

I hate to break it to you, but you are baloney. And you know who isn’t?  Yeah, I am talking about these real-life Dumbledores who have defied death itself and are still doing so proudly after they have earned the mega title of being a ‘Centenarian’.

Confused? Baffled?

You should be, after all, only Dumbledore lives for 100 years or was it infinite?

These legends have looked into the eyes of death and spat back, saying, ‘Not today’. And once you look at the pictures you’ll know what I mean.

Here are the top 10 Centenarian’s from across the globe who will make your jaw drop down to the ground in disbelief.

1. Qin Hanzhang – 110 years, 166 days (Chinese engineer and scientist)

people above 100 years age Qin Hanzhang

This super-centenarian is 110 years young and still going strong. That’s not even mind-boggling, dig this – he is a scientist as well as an engineer. He is a pioneer in the field of food science.

He has proudly served the Chinese food industry for nearly 8 decades. And oh, he is also one of the leading scholars of the wine industry. Now that’s what you mean by,’ I have seen it all’. Eh?

2. Stanisław Kowalski – 108 years, 108 days (Polish masters athlete)

people above 100 years age Stanisaw Kowalski

He has worked as a railroad lineman, has run a small farm and was a masters athlete and not just any regular athlete. It won’t be wrong to call him the grandest of athletes ever.

Why do I say so?

This gentleman who was born in 1910, is the oldest man to run in a 100-meter dash race. That too in a matter of 32.79 seconds. One helluva grandpa he must be.

3. Georges Loinger- 107 years, 336 days (French resistance fighter)

people above 100 years age Georges Loinger

This resistance fighter has fought in the World War II against Germany. He got captured and then heroically escaped from the camp. And like a true fighter, he also rescued thousands of Jewish children during those dark times.

ViralBake Telegram

And it doesn’t stop here, in July 2016, he was made an officer in the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. (What a delight would it be if this happen in India, we are not short of freedom fighters either).

4. Hidekichi Miyazaki- 107 years, 312 days (Japanese masters athlete)

people above 100 years age Hidekichi Miyazaki

There seems to be some connection between athletes and longevity. After all, who would expect a 105-year-old to create a world record in the race of 100 meters? But guess what, it’s a piece of cake for Mr. Miyazaki.

He is nicknamed Golden Bolt with much affection, honoring his contribution to sports at such a magnificent age. I feel tired just by reading about their diligent efforts. Nope, no hope of me making into the “100-yr old club”.

5. Elder Roma Wilson- 107 years, 221 days (American gospel harmonicist)

people above 100 years age - Elder Roma Wilson

What do you think your reaction will be if you see a 107-year-old playing harmonica at its best? Don’t answer that, Coz I know you don’t have one. Neither do I. This dedicated and awe-inspiring performer is an American gospel harmonica player and yes, he sings too. Don’t ask me how he sings, tune into your YouTube, you lazy ass.

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6. Robert Marchand – 106 years, 247 days (French cyclist)

people above 100 years age Robert Marchand

The swag of this legend is worth engraving on a stone. No kidding! Born in 1911, this son of a gun set a world record last year in track cycling. The distance he covered was 22.547 km and that too in a matter of just one hour.

On being asked how he felt about creating the record, his epic response was, and I quote,” I could have done better if I had seen the 10-minute warning card, otherwise, I would have pedaled slightly faster”.

Peace bro! I am already ashamed of my cycling skills now.

7. William Frankland – 106 years, 134 days (British allergist)

people above 100 years age William Frankland

The Grandfather of allergy science would be the apt way to refer to this gem of humanity. He has done legendary work in the field of allergise. Even Saddam Hussein called for his services. And the Queen herself sends cards to Mr.Frankland for adding miles to his long life. And hey, he still drinks alcohol and continues his work like a dude. That calls for a glass of wine tonight. ?

8. Draja Mickaharic 106 years, 112 days (Bosnian-born American author and occultist)

people above 100 years age Draja Mickaharic

He is a writer and a magician. And no, I am not referring to a magician that performs tricks to amuse the crowd. He works in the field of real magic- Occult science is his forte. The mysterious blend of Caribbean folk and Eastern European magic was his area of expertise for decades. He was also known to practice other folk magic like hoodoo, obeah, and brujería until 2011. Need some potions, lassi?

9. Katsumi Tezuka- 105 years, 334 days – (Japanese actor)

people above 100 years age Katsumi Tezuka

Ok, this legendary guy is not entirely new to us. Remember the first ever Godzilla movie? The monster in the movie was played by him. Oh yeah, and he is, in fact, famous for playing deadly monsters in many science fiction movies. He also has some scary horror movies to his credit.

10. Eduard von Falz-Fein- 105 years, 320 days (Russian-born art patron)

people above 100 years age Edward von Falz-Fein

A badass Russian who is a complete package of a businessman, a public figure, a sportsman AND a journalist. And yes, there’s more. He not only initiated the Olympic movement but also served as the vice-president of the Olympic Committee for several years.

Additionally, he also bagged in the title of being the oldest person ever in Liechtenstein on 8th September 2017. I’ll probably take 50-odd births to accomplish all that, hah.

I am sure now you know,

the actual meaning of ‘Age is just a number’. And how effortlessly these Gandalfs are combating life and winning it over and over again.

What do you feel about crossing the mark of 100? Are you up for the Gandalfing challenge? Comment and let me know!

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