Pics: People In UK Capture Breathtaking Pictures Of Rare Double ‘Lightning Rainbows’ & It’s A Woww!!

Days after people in NCR got to see double rainbows in the sky, people in the UK, recently, were blessed with the same phenomenon but with a twist.

People in the UK got to behold double rainbow with a sprinkle of lighting and the natural phenomenon looks to have come straight from heaven.

Although you might have not seen such as instance before, however, in theory, it is not rare to see this phenomenon as rainbows occur when raindrops refract of droplets of water in the sky, but to actually click a photograph of the two in action together is difficult.

Despite that being a fact, both photographers and amateurs captured the phenomenon in their cameras and it looks so aesthetic. Have a look:

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ViralBake Telegram

Also, as the monsoon has commenced in most parts of the world, people came forward to share pictures of double rainbows in the sky.

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