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13 Types Of People Who Are Stereotyped For The Food They Eat

Aye Idli-Dosa Kha Le Warna Mar Jayega!

Abey Kabhi Toh Chawal Chor Ke Kuch Aur Kha Liya Kar!

Does it ring a bell? I bet it does.
After all, when have we stopped stereotyping people by what they eat, where they come from or how they sound. You too have weird names for your friends and you always try to crack a joke in terms of their food choices, don’t you?

So, here is a list of the most common stereotypes, in terms of people and their food choices, which are so evident in today’s time, that even the people on whom these stereotypes are applied, can’t help but laugh.

1. Chinese- Chowmien

Yeah, I know you are like- ‘This is the stereotype king of the kings’. Everyone across the globe believes that Chinese people eat nothing else but CHOWMEIN. Their life revolves around noodles and chowmeins and that’s it. They are born with a noodles bowl and die with one too.

2. Northeast- Bamboo shoot and boiled rice

Half of the people don’t even know what a bamboo shoot dish looks like, but they do have the surety that the northeast people only eat boiled rice and bamboo shoots. According to most of the people, their life has no spices whatsoever because all they know in terms of cooking is,’BOILING’.

3. Punjabi – Chicken

The mornings, afternoons and nights begin and end with the only food they know,’Chicken’. They seem to have some religious connection with this food I guess because a Punjabi gets a nervous breakdown if kept far from butter chicken for more than few hours.

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4. South Indian- Idli Dosa

Idli, dosa, and sambhar- the three weapons of a South Indian without which, he cannot survive. The poor South Indians who relocate to northern parts of India for jobs, get depressed because of the lack of authentic South Indian food. And this shit is serious guys.

5. Bihari- Dal- Bhaatt- Chokha

A true Bihari will die if he doesn’t consume dal-bhaatt at least once a day. Or at least, that’s what most of the people think. It is believed that the bihari’s super brains are powered by this deadly combination.

6. Muslims- Biryani

Ever seen a Muslim having a panic attack? That’s because he didn’t eat biryani for a day. Yeah, that is how delicate the relationship between a Muslim and biryani is. Also, don’t forget that it has to non-veg. (Or don’t call it Biryani)

7. Gujarati- Thepla

Almost everyone knows the name of this Gujarati dish, which sounds more like the name of an atomic bomb. But apparently, this bomb is the survival kit for them. A true Gujju won’t even make it to lunch if he skipped his ‘Thepla’ breakfast.

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8. Pahari – Chai, and Hash

No one gives a shit when it comes to thinking what Pahari’s eat, because all they know is that they drink lots of Chai and smoke a lot of hash. Also, they carry like 10000kg on their backs, without flinching. I guess it has something to do with their chai-hash diet.

9. Goans- Beer

What do you eat if you are from Goa? Well, you don’t eat, because all you do, is ‘drink beer’. You are hungry, you drink beer. You are thirsty, you drink beer. And even when you are sleepy- you drink beer. Period.

10. Bengalis- Fish

If you don’t eat fish, you are not a Bengali. I mean, I have seen people boycotting bengali’s from their group if they say,’Every Bengali doesn’t eat fish.’ I mean, how dare you call yourself a ‘Bengali’ if you don’t eat fish. That’s just, impossible.

11. Japanese- Sushi

All they eat in Japan is ‘Sushi’. There are no other restaurants in Japan. All the hotels in Japan serve Sushi, their street food stalls too, sell Sushi. And oh, they even sell canned ‘Sushi’. That’s what its all about, when you think of Japanese people.

12. Italian – Pasta

If you are an Italian, pasta flows in your blood, mixed with cheese of course. Every Italian diet consists of various forms of pasta and it’s only and only about all kinds of pasta. If they eat anything else, they end up upsetting their stomach. Literally.

13. African – Meat (all kinds)

The only thing an African eats is meat. No matter whose meat it is. Their breakfast sometimes consists of a whole cow, followed by three to four children (preferably toddlers) as sweet dishes. No wonder, they look like beasts. Right?

Have I missed any typical stereotype? Lemme know if I have.
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