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Women Forget To Pack These Important Items For A Perfect Cruise Trip

A cruise trip is something which gives you an experience to share it for lifetime. Unlike any other terra firma trip, going for a cruise is more soothing and relaxing. Whether its food, entertainment or the luxurious treatment by the expert hosts of the ship, everything is just so exotic that it becomes very hard to get enough of the sea once you get into a cruise.

cruise ship with woman in bikini

Hence, for getting an unforgettable experience and memories we already fantasize certain things before the trip like what will I wear on that day, how will I look on this party, is this a picture perfect dress and sort of plans.

Pictures are the stories captured in a frame. Sometimes, they become a piece to flaunt on our social media and sometimes they help us escape from all the stress.

With all this in mind, it is important to be very particular about certain things while heading for a cruise. Obviously, you don’t want any mess up between your  perfect getaway of memories and your expectations of how everything is going to be like. I mean there is a lot of important stuff to carry between all the tit- bits. I really don’t want you to regret over some very basic things at the last moment.

Check out these little things that especially women forget to carry while packing for a cruise trip. 

Carry kit

Keep the essentials with you such as (sunscreen, swimsuit, and iPod) in you little handbag with you. When you board the ship you’ll want to explore few things right away and even if you get a bit messy, you have your go-to kit to take care of yourself.

woman packing for cruise trip

Formal attire

On- board there are some lavish dinner parties for which you’ll want to dress neat and elite. In the evenings, the dress code is usually smart casuals so ladies can go for nice cocktail dresses and men should pack a suit or bring two sets of pants and collared shirt.

Bathe suits

If you really don’t want to stuff your bag with number of towels, be sure to carry at least two bath suits so that in case if one gets damp you will have a spare one to use next day. Moreover, it will also save space for extra accessories in your bag.

bikini girls

Swim wears

Try to invest a decent time in finding the right bikini that compliments your body type. Not all bikinis suits all body types.


Create a separate section of all the accessories you are going to bring to the cruise. Cool goggles while sunbathing, Junk jewelries for shore excursions, and antique ornaments for night party and a classy watch will definitely add on to the charm.

quick dry cloth beachside woman

Quick drying cover ups

This is important as you definitely wouldn’t want to look wet and clumsy in your photographs and most of your shore excursion will involve getting wet and wild. Therefore it’s better to keep some quick drying shorts and shirts to put on while exploring shores.

Aloe vera

Being rich in antioxidants and vitamins Aloe Vera can really help you in dealing with skin rashes and irritation due to sun heat and salty water. So, after taking a proper sun bath while sitting on deck never forget to apply aloe Vera lotion or your skin or you can also bring a spray-on for easy application.

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Right footwear

Footwear are as important as the attire. It is obvious that you won’t forget flip flops but make sure to toss some other occasion oriented shoes like heels for dinner, sandals for shopping and water sporting. Check your itinerary to figure what all to pack so you have everything yet travelling light.


Due to heavy breezes it gets a little colder in the evening. So, it’s great if you carry one or two pieces of warm cloth. Preferably ‘Pashmina’ to enjoy a stylish look and some romantic filmy moments with your loved one on the deck.

couple on a cruise trip

Wrinkles release spray

You will not be provided with an iron in your cabin. So if you don’t want any hassle with the clothes, bring along some wrinkle release spray to ensure that each of your cloth look picture-perfect right out of your suitcase.

In addition to this there are some other stuff such as-

Portable charger – Charger and extra batteries for your camera devices is also important.

Extra memory card – For your DSLR, Action camera or whatever you are carrying. It is good to have an extra memory card instead of carrying a laptop to transfer files to reuse it.

Binoculars – To experience a closer look of all the beautiful and amazing views.

Well, I know there are hell lot of other stuff to carry to avoid unnecessary expenses. But these would be enough to give you a smooth cruising experience with a lot of style and glamour. And not just, you will come home with perfect pictures to flaunt on social media.

 Is there any other stuff which you feel essential for a picture perfect cruise trip. Please let us know in comments below.


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