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5 Reasons Why Should Worry When Your Period Is Late (Apart From Pregnancy)

Delayed periods can be caused due to various underlying factors. It is very common for periods to be late.

Usually, a healthy period follows the cycle of 28 – 35 days. An article on Huffingpost mentioned about it. “It isn’t normal, but quite common for menstrual cycles to be late,” said Felice Gersh, an OB/GYN and the founder and director of the Integrative Medical Practice of Irvine in California.

The main reason why period is late

You may think that it’s ok your period is late, but you shouldn’t. If you have a fast lifestyle and don’t get enough time to eat and drink healthy, it will have its effect on your menstrual cycle.

“The menstrual cycle is a vital sign of health for a reproductive-aged female and whenever it becomes irregular, it’s a big red flag to take stock of your health and your lifestyle habits,” she said.

Mostly, it is due to pregnancy. But that’s what the most logical answer would be. Apart from this, these are the 5 reasons why your period is late-

1. Weight

period is late

Being underweight can have negative effects on your periods. It can mess up your reproductive functions.

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The body should produce a certain amount of estrogen in the body which gets disrupted by having low-fat content. Make sure that you eat enough to support the weight according to your BMI (body mass index).

2. Birth control pills

Period Is Late

Any drug related to birth control, be it I-Pill or abortion pills, messes up with your periods.

If you are trying a new form of birth control or pill, chances are that it will take a certain amount of time to get back to normal. Avoid using such pills in the first place. Try different methods of birth control. You definitely don’t want to add unnecessary drugs in your body.

3. Infections and diseases

Period Is Late

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You might be surprised but underlying health condition like cold and flu, mononucleosis, strep infections can adversely affect your menstrual cycle. It could also be due to hormonal imbalance. It usually caused by an unhealthy diet and result in a delayed period.

4. Chronic conditions

Period Is Late

Strangely, chronic conditions can also be the reason why your period is late. Thyroid and even PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) can be linked to disrupting the normal period cycle. Get yourself checked if your period is late after every month.

5. Stress

Period Is Late

Yes, the not so visible demon ‘stress’ could be the reason behind it. Unhealthy lifestyle, less sleep, and prolonged stress don’t have a good effect on your body. Most likely, this will result in you having late periods.

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What to do when period is late?

After checking that the pregnancy test is negative, you need to think about other diseases that might be the cause of delayed periods. You need to change your lifestyle and keep a check on your menstrual cycle.

Eating healthy, exercise and at least 8 hours of sleep can be the start. Use yoga or any other form of light exercise of you are underweight.

“Not having a period for three months, having fewer than nine menstrual cycles per year, or having a cycle length greater than 35 days does require investigation. It’s important to rule out predisposing factors that cause irregular menstruation, such as an untreated thyroid disorder or PCOS. Women who have PCOS can help regularize their menstrual cycle by taking oral contraceptive pills, which can also reduce the risk of certain cancers.,” according to research.

Take care of yourself!

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