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Pets Can Boost Health Of Elderly To A Huge Extent, Research Says

Old age is inevitable.

As years pass by, old age graciously takes you under its wing and you see life through a whole new perspective. Mostly, old people remain to themselves, trying to cope up with the various physical and mental health issues.

Some elderly folks are left neglected with no one to talk to. There’s is no one to take care of them. Thankfully, this research proves that without any expensive medical treatment, old age health can be boosted.

How do pets help boost health in old people?


Pets have been known to be the perfect stress busters for, adults, children and elderly alike. They bring a sense of trust, warmth, and love with them. Not only they provide them with the best company, its easy for elders to trust them over any stranger.

There have been multiple instances where pet owners were saved by their pets. Dogs and cats have been known to sense any health problems way before they actually happen. This also adds up to the friendly and lovable nature of most pets.

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The study behind how pets boost health


A study was conducted which involved 2,051 people between the age of 50-80 years. This took place in the US, at the University of Michigan. They monitored and studied their behavioral patterns along with the effect of pets on their overall health.

Mary Janevic, who was one of the researchers explained, “Relations with pets tend to be less complicated than those with humans, and pets are often a source of great enjoyment. They also provide older people with a sense of being needed and loved.”

The detailed report concluded that over three-quarters of the participants agreed that their pets help reduce stress. Apart from that, 78 percent dog owners said that their pets keep them physically active. And lastly, 65 percent of people declared that pets help them connect better with other people.

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Pets boost health with minor cons


Some pet owner accepted that they feel bad when it comes to holidays and other trips that can’t be done with pets. Some said that it is costly to keep a pet as even their upbringing requires effort and funds. Also, they can’t be left alone so long holidays is never an option.

However, the professor at the university has some other conclusions in this matter. Over 70 percent of the participants had said that pets help them cope up with pain, also emotional and physical symptoms. This is a boon for older people as they don’t travel often and need someone to be with them, just like pets require company.

According to him, “Helping older people find low-cost ways to support pet ownership, while not sacrificing other important relationships and priorities is an investment in overall mental and physical health.”

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In conclusion:

No one can defy aging. So, instead of treating old people as a burden, help them find happiness in their way. Talk to them and gift them a trained pet who can take care of them. This way you will not only increase their life span but also keep them away from depression and loneliness.

Pets easily boost health of old people, so the next time you visit them, get a pet for them. They will be happy to get one, trust me! 

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