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PewDiePie Trolled Indian TV Serials And Ekta Kapoor Couldn’t Resist Replying

Our favorite PewDiePie took a jibe at Indian soap operas 2 days ago. When Ekta Kapoor, queen of Indian soaps got to know about it, she couldn’t resist responding back to ‘Pewdy something’ on Twitter.

And in her emotional turmoil, she responded with a racial slur which has doubled the attention of the entire Twitter/YouTube war.

Check out how fans responded to her tweets:

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But her last tweet suggests that she is looking for truce for whatever she said in her earlier tweets. However, she still didn’t refer the YouTuber directly and it seemed like it was more of a response to her fans’ comments.

Hey Ekta, are you trying to ‘shoot off from your fan’s shoulders’?

PewDiePie is the biggest YouTuber with more than 6 million subscribers on his channel right now.

And also, such negative publicity have never harmed YouTubers so far. It has only increased their pocket size by giving them more viewers as well as viewership. Whatever be the case, we love what PewdiePie does and would be eagerly waiting for new videos.

Do you like watching Indian Saas-bahu serials?

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