Photographer Captures Lightning Bolt Picture As It Struck Earth & Looked Like A Tree

If you have been given the chance to walk the earth for any reason at all, you must also pause for a moment to behold the wonders the world spares us. And here is one we just can’t unsee.

Recently, a photographer captured a lighting phenomenon through his camera eye exactly when it hit the ground. And aesthetically, it happened to look like a tree.

lighting like a tree
Source Facebook

The image was originally captured and shared on Twitter by photographer Kyle Russell Allen. Then, weathermen Nick Kraynok on his official Facebook page shared the picture with a caption: ‘That’s not a tree…that is a great shot of the lightning tonight in Lubbock!’

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Lubbock is a town in Texas, USA and the man behind the lens, Kyle Russell Allen lives there. Kraynok’s Facebook post quickly picked up on the social media platform.

People were of course really amused to look at the scene captured:

lighting like a tree

Lighting striking eath is a known phenomenon. And sometimes, it causes serious damage too. Only last year, Last year, Alex Coreas, also from Texas, was struck by lightning while walking his three dogs. 

In another incident, a tree was set ablaze from the inside after it was hit by the bolt of lighting.

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In short, lighting is a risky thing to play with.

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