Pictures Of Australian Firefighters Dropping Food From Helicopters Is Winning The Internet

Australia is having a tough time dealing with the deadly bushfires that have ravaged the island country. The fires, in total, have burned as much as 10.3 million hectares of land, which is approximately eight times more than what Amazon fires last year had destroyed.

Source – DW

Moreover, burning land has also led to the killing of many animals who have been living in and around the jungles. As per reports, as many as one-billion animals have died due to Australian bushfires.

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The fires have also destroyed much of what animals feed on leading to widespread starvation among them. And in order to save them from starving to death, Australians have come up with a brilliant idea.

Australia has deployed helicopters to drop food in the burnt areas on the country, especially New South Wales so that the stranded animals can feed themselves.

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The aerial food drops are expected to help the survival of endangered species like the wallabies. As a herbivorous, Wallabies relies on grasses and leaves diet, which has been ravaged due to fire.

Australia is also installing cameras in the state with much of the Wallabies population to help them be up-to-date with their diet needs. For facts, Wallabies are considered as an endangered species in New South Wales. 

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As per the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List released in 2014, only 20,000 of these creatures exist in the world.

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