15 Stunning Photos Of A Rare Black Panther Found In The Jungles Of India

Black Panthers are phenomenal creatures known for their eerie look, speed and death stare. Black panthers are rarely seen and are among the endangered species across the globe.

However, wildlife filmmaker and photographer Shaaz Jung has a knack for them and over the years, has spent the majority of his time capturing the Black Panthers in frames. Jung, to understand the creature, has spent the last couple of years exploring the Kabini Forest in Karnataka, India, and came back with some of the most beautiful shots of the most majestic animal we have ever seen.

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“I spent two and a half years in the Kabini Forest, between December 2017 and January 2020, on a filming permit,” Jung told Bored Panda. “This filming permit allowed [me and the team] to make a documentary on the black panther for National Geographic.”

Jung captured most of the images in the Kabini Forest also called Rajiv Gandhi Tiger Reserve situated in Karnataka. The forest has only st has only one black panther.

He further explains that “since 2015… photographers have been fortunate enough to see him and take pictures. We are, however, the first to make a dedicated movie on him.”

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Shaaz has also photographed other big cats and animals.

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