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Pictures That Define Something Is Really Wrong With The World

The world is a weird place with instances occurring on a daily basis that prove something is not right with the same. And strangely, the fact that we are getting habitual to the same is further disturbing. German artist Steffen Kraft, who also goes by the name Iconeo online, likely, shares the same thoughts and has found a creative way to represent exactly what has been plaguing the world.

The artist makes amazingly commentary pictures that define how cruel, weird or ironic, people, life or world can be sometimes. The artist draws inspiration from ongoing calamities like pollution, global warming, and terrorism to make his work elaborative and relatable.

So if you are brave enough to see pictures that might disturb your wits, herein we have scooped out the most visually appealing pieces of Kraft’s artwork. Enjoy.

water pollution

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The artist with a creative eye for the slightest of details shares his experience and what drives him to create such appealing artwork.

“On the one hand, I’m inspired by little things, like my pencil, a cup of coffee or toilet paper. These little objects are icons. Everybody knows them. We don’t have to think about their function when we see them. It’s good brain training trying to place these things in a different situation. Sometimes, the results are meaningful, sometimes not.”


Besides small things that plague the world, Steffen says he also draws inspiration from bigger things, like climate change, plastic pollution or social behavior. He believes that in our daily life, humans are overwhelmed with images and impressions which changes their perspective about the world and also themselves.

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trade war

Kraft in an interview with Bored Panda also gave some advice to struggling artists out there: “Being an artist means having good times and having bad times, especially in the beginning. Be patient when you are uninspired or when you feel misunderstood. You are on the right path, as long as you are engaged in doing what you find interesting. And don’t forget to relax. I get the best ideas when I’m relaxed and out of my office.”

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