9 Places to Visit in Delhi for a Quirky Experience

A treasure trove of unusual places, Delhi has everything from beautiful places to historical ruins which are breathtaking. Such places offer the onlookers an ultimate experience of exploration and solace. If you wish to explore such places, then I suggest you check out the places I am mentioning in this article for you:

1. Sanjay Van

9 Places to Visit in Delhi for a Quirky Experience: Sanjay Van

Sanjay Van is a massive forest spread across 443 acres right in the heart of the city of Delhi. It is one of the best places to visit in Delhi where you can witness a varied variety of wild species and ultimately tranquil.

2. Bhardwaj Lake

9 Places to Visit in Delhi for a Quirky Experience: Bhardwaj Lake

Bhardwaj Lake is one of the most scenic places to visit in Delhi which is a beautiful result of lime mining. However, a number of birds and butterflies have made a home in the lake’s surroundings which are a treat to the eyes. The interesting nature trail in this semi-arid forest area is a great trek waiting for you to explore on a weekend.

3. Champa Gali

9 Places to Visit in Delhi for a Quirky Experience: Champa Gali

The casual and laid-back vibe of Champa Gali is the primary highlight that forced me to put it on this list. You will find a plethora of cafes, art galleries, handicraft stores, and more in this area which is perfect to spend some time with your friends and family members. You can even plan an unusual date in this location for a great time. The place got its name from Champa plants which were brought and planted here in the old times.

4. Majnu ka Tila

9 Places to Visit in Delhi for a Quirky Experience: Majnu ka Tila

Majnu ka Tila is a small Tibetan colony established around 1950 in Delhi where you can have a great Tibetan experience. Also known as Delhi’s Little Tibet, you can find authentic Tibetan cuisines and handicrafts in this place. Come here to relish Tibetan food and handicraft items to decorate your surroundings.

5. Satpula Bridge

9 Places to Visit in Delhi for a Quirky Experience: Satpula Bridge

Dating back to the times of the Tughlaq Dynasty, Satpula Bridge stands on the land of Delhi for the last 700 years. One of the oldest dams in the city, this bridge is situated really close to Saket. The literal translation of the Satpula bridge is seven bridges which signify the fact that it has been constructed on seven arches.

6. Tughlaqabad Fort

9 Places to Visit in Delhi for a Quirky Experience: Tughlaqabad Fort

Built between 1321-1325 AD, Tughlaqabad Fort is also known as the Ruined Fort due to its structural damage. The fort has 13 entry gates with beautiful designs, outstanding domes, elegant walls and more. Although it was extremely popular in its time, it was abandoned as soon as it was built. The fun part is the rumours tagged with this fort being haunted and cursed.

7. Ghalib ki Haveli

9 Places to Visit in Delhi for a Quirky Experience: Ghalib ki Haveli

We all have heard about Ghalib, a renowned poet of his time and beyond who used to pen down his feelings about love, philosophy, and mysticism. Ghalib ki Haveli is the place where he took his last breath. It originally belonged to Hakim who was a poem enthusiast and gave it to Ghalib after being impressed by him. Later after Ghalib’s death, the Hakin used to sit in the haveli in the evening restricting everybody to enter.

8. Hijron Ka Khanqah

9 Places to Visit in Delhi for a Quirky Experience: Hijron ka Khanqah

An Islamic Monument, Hijron ka Khanqah is located in Mehrauli in Delhi. The literal meaning of this place is “Sufi spiritual retreat for eunuchs.” It has the word hijron which is the plural for hijra that is a term used to describe the transgender women’s community in India. It is a place where this community still comes to achieve spiritual peace and build character. You should come here to cherish the serenity of the place.

9. Chunnamal Haveli

9 Places to Visit in Delhi for a Quirky Experience: Chunnamal Haveli

Dating back to 1848, Chunnamal Haveli was founded by Lala Rai Chunnamal for him and his family. He was one of the wealthiest men in Delhi in the British era whose family was lucky to be the first in Delhi to acquire an automobile and a phone. However, after so many years, the haveli built by this merchant is still intact and in use and it would be great if you go there to check it out.


In this article, we learnt about the most quirky places to explore in the beautiful capital city of Delhi. If you are around this city, then I suggest you list these places down in your notepad and check them out one by one.

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