6 Most Fascinating Places Where Sun Never Rises

This is a fascinating world we live in! There are various types of places across the globe which can fascinate, amaze, delight and even scare you. If you have ever seen a rare natural phenomenon, of any type, then you can understand being amazed and even scared from the power of nature.

One such event is that there are several places in the world where the Sun never rises for many weeks or even months, during winter. The scientific explanation for this phenomenon is related to Earth’s tilt. There are two endpoints on Earth, one is the North Pole and the other is the South Pole. due to Earth’s fair tilt, one point towards the Sun and the other away from it. So, let’s take a look at the places where the Sun never rises in peak Winters.

6 Places in the World Where Sun Never Rises

1. Norway

Longyearbyen, Norway, Where Sun Does Not Rises

A place called Longyearbyen in Norway, with a population of 2,075, is one of the cities in which the Sun never rises during `mid-winters. To be exact, they remain in the dark from October 27 to February 14, every year.

2. Greenland


The territory of Denmark, Greenland is a massive island covered in ice, snow and glaciers. This arctic nation has a city named Qaanaaq, where the Sun never rises between October 29 to February 14.

3. Dikson (Russia)


Russia has several cities and regions where the Sun rarely rises during winter times, especially Dikson. This city is the northernmost establishment in Russia and was once called ‘the edge of the earth’. With a population of 550, the weather becomes very chilly being at the edge of the arctic ocean.

4. Alaska, USA

Utqiagvik, a town in Alaska

From November 19 to January 21, the Sun never rises in Utqiagvik, a town in Alaska, USA. Approx. 5,000 people live there surviving while hunting whales.

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5. Ellesmere, Canada

Ellesmere, Canada

Ellesmere is one of the rarest places on Earth where the Sun rarely rises during peak winters. This part of Canada is only accessible to the military and civilians are not allowed.

6. Nuorgam & Utsjoki, Finland

Nuorgam & Utsjoki, Finland

Nuorgam and Usjoki are two places in Finland that do not rise during mid-winters. To be exact it is from November 28 to January 15 that the citizens have to live without much Sun.

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