Planets, Astrology And Their Meaning In Life

If you search about the meaning of Astrology, Google will tell you, ‘the study of the influence of planets and stars over human affairs and the natural world through their positions and characteristics’. So, the curiosity begins when we hear about the planets influencing human lives through their positions and attributes. Well, astrology helps us read about the events that occur in our universe.

What do Planets mean In Astrology?

As per the ancient astrologers, the planets depict the will of deities and their direct influence over our lives. To understand how astrology works, the Sun and the Moon, two luminaries, and eight planets of our solar system are the most essential components. Thus, by studying the movements of planets, your zodiac sign and houses an astrologer can portray a natal chart which can provide us with a clear picture of the will of deities over your life.

List of Planets, What They Represent, Their Meanings And Their Ruling Zodiac Signs

Sun: Planet Of Self, Life

Sun: The Planet Of Self, Life

In Astrology, the Sun depicts an individual’s personality and self. It helps us to understand how a person makes their choices and the actions they perform.

  • Transit between signs in 1 Month
  • Sun Rules: Leo
  • Represents: “Consciousness, individuality, self-expression, leadership, confidence, creativity, masculinity, Ego, Basic Personality, Vitality, and Stamina.”

Moon: Planet of Emotions

Moon The Planet of Emotions

The moon depicts an individual’s emotions, feelings, instincts, their mood.

  • Transit between signs in 2-3 Days
  • Moon Rules: Cancer
  • Represents: “unconsciousness, emotions, instincts, habits, moods, behaviours, memories, femininity, domesticity, intuition.”

Mercury: Planet of Mind

Mercury Planet of Mind

Mercury depicts how a person communicates, processes thoughts, information and how learns.

  • Transit between signs in 3-4 Weeks
  • Mercury Rules: Gemini, Virgo
  • Represents: “mind, communication, intellect, reason, language, intelligence, technology, ideas, business, education, legalities.”

Venus: Planet of Beauty and Love

Venus The Planet of Beauty and Love

The planet Venus portrays our concept of beauty, love, pleasure, money, and relationships. Exactly how a person feels pleasure, whom they find attracted to, and who they love, are all Venus defines.

  • Transit between signs in 4-5 Weeks
  • Venus Rules: Taurus, Libra
  • Represents: “Attraction, Love, Relationships, Art, Beauty, Harmony, Profit, Pleasure”.

Mars: Planet of Action and Passion

Mars Planet of Action and Passion

Mars helps us to understand our animalistic side, meaning anger, aggression, competition, and drive. It tells us about how an individual gets passionate and gets into action.

  • Transit between signs in 6-7 Weeks
  • Mars Rules: Aries
  • Represents: “Aggression, Sex, Action, Desire, Competition, Courage, Passion.”

Jupiter: Planet of Growth And Expansion

Jupiter Planet of Growth And Expansion

This planet represents our sense of growth, optimism, and the drive to live. It portrays our way to pursue happiness and when we can be lucky enough.

  • Transit between signs in 12-13 Months
  • Jupiter Rules: Sagittarius
  • Represents: “Luck, Growth, Expansion, Optimism, Abundance, Understanding”.

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Saturn: Planet of Karma and Structure

Saturn Planet of Karma and Structure

Saturn tells us our limitations when we can be disciplined. It symbolises our restrictions, obstacles, and where our responsibilities lie.

  • Transit between signs in 2-3 years
  • Saturn Rules: Capricorn
  • Represents: “ Karma, Structure, Law, Restriction, Discipline, Responsibility, Obligation, Ambition.”

Uranus: Planet of Freedom And Changes

Uranus Planet of Freedom And Changes

Uranus symbolises the unexpected changes in one’s life, it portrays freedom and rebellion.

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  • Transit between signs in 7 Years
  • Uranus Rules: Aquarius
  • Represents: “Eccentricity, Unpredictable Changes, Rebellion, Reformation.”

Neptune: Planet of Magic and Dreams

Neptune Planet of Magic and Dreams

Neptune represents our delusional nature, our dreams, and our imaginations. It tells us about our creativity.

  • Transit between signs in 10-12 Years
  • Neptune Rules: Pisces
  • Represents: “Dreams, Intuition, Mysticism, Imagination, Delusions, illusions, scandals, religion, and spirituality.”

Pluto: Planet of Death and Rebirth

Pluto Planet of Death and Rebirth

Pluto depicts the cycle of death and rebirth, the concept of power and transcendence.

  • Transit between signs in 12-15 Years
  • Neptune Rules: Scorpio
  • Represents: “transformation, death, rebirth, evolution, destruction, domination, power, regeneration, the subconscious

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