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Your Plastic Kitchenware Isn’t Really Safe For Daily Use, Stop Buying Them Just Because They Are Cheap!

Do you use plastic kitchenware on a daily basis?

Not just for packing your lunch, but also for cleaning or stirring food items? If you are a frequent plastic kitchenware user and prefer taking lunch or eating in plastic containers, its time for you to rethink.

I know, when it comes to kitchen utensils plastic kitchenware comes in very handy.  After all, they are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors which makes a good addition to your stylish kitchen. But what you don’t know is the side-effects and harmful things that accompany plastic kitchenware.

The components of plastic kitchenware

plastic kitchenware

As you all know that plastic itself is made up of a number of components which are mainly comprised of organic polymers. These polymers include PVC, BPA, nylon, polyethylene which allows the plastic to be molded in any shape.

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Once they cool down, they take the rigid shape but even they are slightly elastic. In simple words, you are using a blend of different chemicals to cook your food. But most of you think that it’s OK to use a little plastic in your food and that is is not going to harm your body.

Let me tell you, you are wrong.

Dangers with plastic kitchenware

plastic kitchenware

As I mentioned earlier, plastic kitchenware consists of various chemical components. Each component harms your body in a different way. You should know about it so that the next time you pick up your kitchenware, you choose anything but plastic.


This component is the main ingredient in plastic kitchenware that gives it the stiffness. But it is one of the most pervasive chemicals that can be found in the daily use items. Because of this, it has been linked to a range of serious diseases. It means that if you regularly use them in your cooking, you are prone to heart diseases, chronic illness and even diabetes.

This is mainly found in cups, cosmetics items that you apply on skin and even fragrances that are used in cooking.

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plastic kitchenware

This is the second component which is also related to various health repercussions. Continuous exposure to plastic kitchenware is most likely to develop autism spectrum disorders and type II diabetes. It also poses the risk of breast cancer, male fertility issues, and even ADHD, asthma in human beings.

Some studies even suggest that this component is capable of lowering down your IQ if you are exposed to it on a daily basis.

Vinyl chloride & Styrene

plastic kitchenware

Both these chemicals are widely found in plastic kitchenware and even in your bathrooms. Things like shower curtains, disposable cups, trays, and cutlery contain these chemicals and can cause cancer.

Though there are several other components in plastic kitchenware that might be way more harmful to you. Sadly, there aren’t any detailed studies for all the components to conclude the harmful effects of them on your body.

How do these chemicals enter your body?

plastic kitchenware

The worst part of plastic is that it easily enters your body without you even realizing. When you touch your shower curtain or pick up the cosmetic bottle to take out lotion, a small number of plastic sticks to your fingers.

Similarly, when you eat using plastic cutlery of in a plastic plate, chances are that you are consuming tiny microplastics with each bite you take. Even when you smell something which is in a plastic container, you are exposing yourself to plastic chemicals.

With further wear and tear of plastic due to exposure to heat, the chemicals can easily enter your body. The effects might not be visible in an instant but trust me, in the longer run, you will regret using plastic kitchenware.

What should you do?

plastic kitchenware

I know, buying cheap plastic kitchenware might seem like a good idea right now as it fits in your budget, but you should rethink about it. If you want good health in the longer run, you should choose stainless steel, glass, cast iron or ceramic cookware.

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However, you need to make sure that you clean these deeply. If you leave any food traces or fluids in these kitchenwares, it will go on to develop bacteria and fungus which will harm you in different ways.

Say no to plastic kitchenware

Now that you are aware of the side-effects caused by plastic kitchenware, you know what you should do the next time you shop. Just because it is is cheap and beautiful, don’t fall for it. Spend your money wisely in buying things that don’t have any harmful effect on your health.

Make smart choices and stay away from plastic kitchenware as long as you can! 

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