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Someone Made A Game ‘PM CARES Fund’ Not Found, And We Are Playing It Over & Over Again

One of your friends borrows money from you and when you need it back, he ghosts you like you don’t even exist. Ever been there?

The same is the situation of many Indians who donated money to the PM CARES fund and now are protesting against the opacity on the same maintained by the government.

And with that being a fact, the government has invited a hoard of criticism against itself.

Poking fun at the same, one of the pissed members of the clan decided to troll the government with a satirical Google Chrome Dinosaur game. The game, reportedly made by a Redditor has PM Modi portrayed as a dinosaur dodging questions on serious issues that have engulfed the country.

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‘I bought the domain name pmcares.fund because it was available and made a satirical Modi-themed chrome dinosaur game in it,’ the user reportedly posted on Sunday.

The game shares similarities with the T-rex game which happens on our computer screen in case of no internet connection.

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The page has been named PM-CARES FUND NOT FOUND. It has a pixelated version of the PM who you can make jump over obstacles. And the obstacles include obviously the coronavirus, then there is struggling economy, represented by a person with a shopping bag and how can the game not include media, represented with lack of coverage and such.

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The most hilarious thing of them all is the fact that when one bumps into the obstacle, the message that flashes read – ‘Game not over

One permanent message on the screen is ‘Unable to display PM CARES fund details. PM CARES fund details could not be displayed because the Government won’t allow you to see it’ with the error code ERR_HIDDEN_BY_GOVERNMENT.

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The centre has been hurled with questions over quite some time now owning plunging economy and opacity of funds and more.

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