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Watch: PM Modi Refuses To Wear Mask, Gets Trolled By AAP

PM Narendra Modi has become a topic of discussion after a recent video of him has gone viral. In the video, the PM, who advises people to maintain do gaj ki duri and wear a mask, can be seen without a mask. In addition, when offered a mask, the PM refuses to take it and instead goes for a shawl.

What is this behaviour Modi Ji?

As netizens were trolling Modi Ji for the same,  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) also joined the critics’ bandwagon.

The fact that PM Modi visits so many events on a regular basis, it’s difficult to tell what event this was. However, to us, it looks like a fair where Modi Ji must have visited recently.

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Anyway, the viral video inspired a whole lot of reactions from the netizens. Have a look:

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However, some people pointed out the fact that PM Modi was already carrying a mask in his right hand and thus refused to take another one when offered.

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