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Thanks To Vivek Oberoi’s Look In PM Narendra Modi, Netizens Got Something New To Troll

Did you see the poster of PM Narendra Modi?

Yes, the much talked about movie, that has already created worldwide hype with its poster release. Also, the fact that the poster was released in 23 languages. Pretty large scale, huh? But this didn’t seem to work in favor for them.

The response of Netizens

The makers of the movie must have thought that they would get an amazing response from people all over because of the grand scale release. But it really didn’t happen as planned. As a matter of fact, ever since the poster release, Vivek Oberoi has been the troll center.

Before you ask why here’s the answer behind the royal trolling session Vivek is currently going through. And for that, you need to see the poster-
PM Narendra Modi poster

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Tell me honestly, does Vivek look like PM Modi in this poster?

I can hear your thoughts. Even I was disappointed. But thanks to a Twitter user, who answered this question out loud.

True that. Vivek isn’t looking like PM Narendra Modi at all folks. Neither is he looking like Vivek Oberoi.

Netizens have no idea what the make-up team was up to because clearly, they could have done much better. Or maybe, the director should have chosen someone else for the role, as this Twitter user suggested.

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ViralBake Telegram

I mean, seriously. These two have got some similarities without even putting on any extra make-up. LOL. And they have a point that Kulbhusan Kharbandha would have suited much more for the role.

But wait, there are more concerns that people have for Vivek. Like this user who wants to know about a scene.

But then, this guy had a genuine concern regarding the cast.

Then there were Tweeters who were thinking of a different league altogether.

And last but not least, was the tweet of this netizen who really took the sarcasm level up a notch with his tweet.

In Conclusion:

The future of this movie is yet to be revealed and no one knows how is it going to perform when it hits the theatres. But one thing is for sure, 2019 really looks a promising year for biopics. After all, there aren’t one or two biopics in the pipeline. 2019 is going to be the biopic year with several projects going on.

Let’s wait and watch if PM Narendra Modi 9the movie I mean) sweeps Indian audience as it did previously with ‘Abki Bar Modi Sarker’! 

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