PM Urges Citizens To Follow ‘Janta Curfew,’ Come Out At Balconies To Support Medical Staff, Par Sir, Balcony To Hai Hi Nhi.

As coronavirus has begun making its serious presence felt in India, the Prime Miniter of India, Narendra Modi, addressed the nation on Thursday to aware people of the same. In his speech, he urged the citizens of the country to practice social distancing, which can curb the virus from spreading.

Janta Curfew Modi

He also urged the citizen to follow Janta Curfew, on Sunday, March 22, 2020. Janta Curfew, as per PM Modi, would be successful if everyone in the country, starting from 7 A.M. in the morning to 9 P.M. on March 22, stay at their respective homes distancing themselves from the world.

PM Modi further also talked about a Task Force that is being set up in the country under the supervision of the Finance Minister of India, which will work to battle control the virus as well as come up with ways to offer economic assistance to those most affected economically. 

He also asked the citizens to not indulge in panic buying and assured that the supply of essential goods in the country would not be stopped at any cost.

At last, he also urged the citizens to laud the tiresome and selfless efforts of the doctors, nurses, and other professionals working for the rest of the community. He asked the citizens to come at their balcony and either clap or bang utensils, bells to support the people out there.

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However, as he talked about the clapping thing, Twitterati came forward with their concerns about not having a balcony to clap at.



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