PM Writes Separate Letters To 4,000 Children Over PM-CARES Scheme

The PM-Cares Scheme is an encouraging step taken by the country for the bright future of Children, as described by the PM Narendra Modi. 4,000 Children or beneficiaries of the scheme are going to receive a letter individually shared by the Women and Child Development ministry and written by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The PM also elaborated on the major benefits of the PM-CARES scheme for the children who have lost their parents during the COVID-19 Pandemic. PM also shared his own experience of a similar tragedy faced by his family many years ago. He assured the children that the whole country is standing with them in these difficult times.

PM-CARES Scheme Letter Shared By Women And Child Development Ministry:

PM CARES Scheme Letter Shared By Women And Child Development Ministry:

The PM asserted that the PM-CARES scheme for children is an encouraging step taken by the Government for their bright future.

He stated, “This scheme will ensure that you can dream freely and there is no lack of effort in helping you realise your dreams.”

The letter was written in Hindi, English and other regional languages in which the PM shared a lesson taught by his mother in his childhood. He asserted that his family also suffered the same pain through a similar tragic incident about 100 years ago.

The PM said, “A century ago when the entire world was in the grip of a terrible pandemic like today, my mother lost her mother i.e. my maternal grandmother. My mother was so young that she does not even remember her mother’s face. She spent her entire life in the absence of her mother, without her affection. Imagine how she must have been brought up. Therefore, today, I can very well understand the anguish in your mind, the conflict in your heart.

He expressed that the presence of parents offers a huge support to children.

He stated, “Until now, your parents told you the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, and guided you. Today, when they are not with you, your responsibilities have increased more than before.

The further PM added, “It is not possible for anyone to fill this void in your life, but as your family, I assure you that you are not alone in your struggles, difficulties, and in your good and bad times. The entire country is with you.”

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PM-CARES Scheme For The Bright Future Of Children

The benefits of PM-CARES were passed on with the letters to children.

These benefits include:

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  • Free school education as well as loan assistance for them to acquire higher education.
  • Under Ayushman Bharat Yojana, health is up to 5 lakh for each child till they reach the age of 18. Payments of premiums of the insurance will be from PM-CARES.
  • Monthly financial support for individuals achieving 18 years of age.
  • Financial assistance of ₹10 lakh from PM-CARES after turning 23 years.
  • Scholarship of ₹20,000 annually for the students of 1-12 classes.
  • Skill training with Karam Scholarship.
  • Swanath Scholarship will be given for technical education.
  • Scholarship worth ₹2.5 lakh annually to learn from higher education institutions like IITs or IIMS.
  • Ex-gratia amount worth ₹50,000.

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