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Want To Shed Extra Pounds? Eat Poha For Weight Loss

How do you start your day?

Is it with a heavy paratha or a light toast? Oats or sprouts, sandwiches or cereals, there are so many options to choose from. But what is the best one when you are trying to shed off some pounds?

The answer is ‘Poha’, the good old beaten rice. Eat poha for weight loss, especially if you are trying to loose weight by cutting off your diet.

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Poha for weight loss

poha for weight loss

Every morning, you need to fill your tummy with something that is healthy, nutritious and provides energy. Being one of the famous Indian dishes, Poha has its own way to present itself.

Every region in India has its own unique and special way to bring out the delight of Poha. In Maharashtra, it is served with dash of lime, peanuts and caramelized onions along with mild spices. In southern parts, coconut and sugar is added with beaten rice to make a sweet and creamy breakfast.

Some dishes are served with sev, pav and a tangy chutney. But all in all, mo matter how you eat poha, it is going to be healthy for you.

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Why poha is good for weight loss?

poha for weight loss

Poha is full of healthy fibers and super easy to digest. Not only this, but poha keeps your tummy full for longer hours. This way you don’t end up eating junk that adds up to your body.

Well, no matter how you include poha in your diet and how you eat it, this delicacy will always be a popular choice of breakfast as it is easy to digest and its healthy fibers keep you satiated for a long duration.

Enriched with the goodness of nature, poha is low on calories. It contains around 75% of carbohydrates and 25% fat. What’s more, it has ample dietary fibers that make it a perfect choice for weight watchers. So, if weight loss is on your mind, then going for poha as breakfast is an ideal choice as it keeps you satiated and curbs untimely hunger pangs.

Health benefits of poha

Poha has fewer calories in comparison to most of the breakfast options served in India. It contains 76.9% of carbohydrates and 23% fat, making it a wholesome breakfast. Its also an excellent source of carbohydrate and good fibers.

Poha is rich in antioxidants and necessary vitamins. Switch to poha for a healthier and lighter way to shed weight. And hey, its gluten free..

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