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Polar Split Causing Record Breaking Temperature Drop Has Been Recorded In Parts Of The World

What the fuck is happening to our world? Seriously, the change is climate is giving us a hint that something is not right. Though we already know that, don’t we? Polluting our environment is making it hard for ourselves to live on this planet called earth.

The situation has become really bad. In Chicago, people were warned about the risks of instant frostbite on the coldest day of all times. Schools and Universities have been closed and the National Weather Service Chicago was on high alert last Wednesday and Thursday.

Why should we get concerned? We are in India

Polar Vortex split

The first thing, both the countries are on the same planet. We live on earth and so does the people of the Midwest US. The bone-chilling wind from the Midwest is even affecting the regions of our North India.

It’s almost the end of January and this is the age of Global Warming, Winter should be over by now or at least shouldn’t feel that cold. Well, you are wrong, global warming is one of the reasons that is causing polar vortex split, which ultimately resulted in this extreme winters.

National Weather Service in the US has been stated that the temperature is going to reach -40 in upcoming days. The situation is not that bad in India, as of now, only a few parts of North India is experiencing bone freezing nights. But the temperature drop of -1.1 has been recorded in Churu, Rajasthan. That’s something serious.

What’s the reason behind this?


If you are someone who enjoys cold weather and wants to thank mother nature for this sweet chilly weather, you should thank the Polar Vortex split.

What is Polar Vortex split?

It is the cold, low-pressure air that can be only experienced at the North and South poles. It only revolves in the counterclockwise direction which gave it its name Polar Vortex.

Sometimes when this vortex gets weak, the cold low-pressure air trapped beneath this vortex starts to move towards the equator. And this is the reason Northern America and Europe is facing this really harsh winter.

The vortex has been further pushed towards the South reaching the Himalayas making North India feeling the extreme chills.

The Internet is enjoying this phenomenon

In Conclusion:

The result wouldn’t have been so adverse if it was not connected with human-created global warming problem. Polar Vortex split is usually followed by El Nino, which is the warm wind over the Pacific.

So tell us do you think the REAL Winter is coming?

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