Polish Model Gets Her Eyeballs Tattooed, Loses Her Eyesight

Following your human-inspiration is all good and fine until you don’t yearn to do everything they preach because, factually, you can’t. And the example would be this model from Wroclaw, Poland.


Aleksandra Sadowska has been left completely blind with one eye and will soon lose sight in the other after she decided to get her eyeball tattooed black. She, reportedly, wanted to copy the look of her inspiration, the rap artist Popek, who had got his eyeball tattooed.

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For the unknown, Eyeball tattoos, also called as scleral tattoos, and is a producer of dying the white part of one’s eye with a permanent colour.

The report added that the woman reported pain in her eye after the producer. The tattoo artist named Piotr, who has said that the pain is normal and will vanish by taking painkillers, now faces a 3-year sentence.

The tattoo artist had used the same dye used to ink skin on her eyeballs, which resulted in the loss of sight. For the unknown, it is highly advised to not let the tattoo dye reach one’s eye as the results could be unexpected.


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The model had undergone three producers to get back her eyesight. Doctors, however, say that the damage is extensive, as the dye has reached the tissues, and it would be impossible for her to get her eyesight back.

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