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We Knew India Is Polluted, But Ranking First Globally Is Too Much

WHO shared a report of the most polluted cities of the world. And 14 cities in that list belongs to India.

Top 14 to be precise!

The data is judged based on the most polluted cities in terms of pm 2.5 pollutants.

What is pm 2.5 pollutants?

It is a mixture of solid and liquid particles which are floating in the air. Due to their microscopic size, they can easily enter into lungs and can cause many harmful diseases.

shocked gif

If you are living in these cities, the days of jogging outdoors are no more for you!

1. Kanpur

kanpur most polluted who report

2. Faridabad

faridabad most polluted who report

3. Varanasi

varanasi most polluted who report

Another interesting fact is, 5 cities of these 14 belong to Uttar Pradesh.

4. Gaya

gaya most polluted who report

5. Patna

patna most polluted who report

6. Delhi

delhi most polluted who report

7. Lucknow

lucknow most polluted who report

Did You Know

Around 7 million people die every year due to the toxic air in the surroundings.

8. Agra

agra city polluted

9. Muzaffarpur

muzaffarpur polluted city

10. Srinagar

srinagar polluted city

11. Gurgaon

gurgaon polluted city

12. Jaipur

jaipur polluted city

13. Patiala

patiala city polluted

14. Jodhpur

jodhpur city polluted 

The environment is suffering from many years. Talking about India, despite efforts like ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, ‘Odd Even rule’ and many other such efforts, we are still lacking somewhere and the failure is completely visible in reports.

smoky jungle gif

Well, now its time for all of us to get more conscious of the current scenario. We should do a self-check to improve and curb pollution where we can. Let us help in saving the environment, turning Earth into a happy place to live.

Otherwise, a life like this will be difficult, believe me! Our ‘Paan’ eating society might just spit the peek in the mask!!

wearing pollution mask gif

Which city do you belong to?

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