Poonam Pandey Takes Off Her Clothes And Started Bathing Openly

Poonam Pandey- Main Attraction Of New Lock Upp Episode

Poonam Pandey- Main Attraction Of New Lock Up Episode

The latest episode of the controversy raiser show Lock Upp is full of exciting moments for the fans. We don’t know if it is the Wow moment or What the **** moment for fans, but Poonam Pandey has surely attracted the eyes of all of us with her latest stunt. In the latest episode she decided to bathe openly with Shivam Sharma in the yard area.

First to go for a bath in the open yard was Shivam as he thought it was a good idea. He took the bucket full of water and sat down in orange coloured trousers to bathe. Meanwhile Sayesha Shinde and Poonam Pandey raised objections, and started shouting that it is inappropriate that they were wearing pants.

Soon after that Shivam started bathing in underwear as he took off her trousers. Both Sayesha and Poonam sat down on a bench to enjoy the show, but later Poonam Pandey decided that she would also take an open bath in the courtyard.


Discussion Starts

Soon after Poonam shared her plan to bathe in the yard area with Sayesha and Payal, Sayesh and Prince went inside the house to tell everyone. Prince said, “That’s why I’m not going out.” Munawar said, “I am also not going because I am fasting for Ramzan.”

A few minutes later the group involving Prince Narula, Munawar , Anjali and Sayesha were shown chatting about the bathing incident of Poonam. Munawar says, “The chances of her going have increased, Poonam because the makers wanted what they got, now Poonam you can go, because we got what we wanted.”

Video SourceInstagram (poonampandeyreal)

Then Prince said, “Look, those who want to see Poonam will continue to vote for her till the end. They will always vote for her because they want to see what she will do next.” Then Munawar said as a joke, “If she promises to take off the T-shirt in the Thursday-Friday episode, if the viewers save her or vote for her the most, they will win the show.”

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