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Poor Girl Donates Her Entire Saving For Kerala Victims, What She Gets In Return Was Unexpected

What would your thought process be, if you were a child?

You would most likely be in your own dreamland. You wouldn’t really bother to feel for anyone or anything else that’s going on around the world. Your anatomy is built that way. Happy and careless. Right?

But this 9-year-old girl, Anupriya from Tamil Nadu broke all the stereotypes. She proved that age doesn’t matter if you have a heart big enough to do good for humanity. Ever since she remembered, she had dreamt of having her own bicycle. And to fulfill her dream, she was saving money for the last four years.

Every year Anupriya would save whatever little she could and in four years, she managed to save somewhere around Rs. 9000.
Anupriya donates to kerala victims

She was all excited that soon her dream of owning a cycle will come true. But that’s when she saw the news of a calamity hitting Kerela. The disastrous floods and rain had brought the entire state to its knees and her little heart was filled with sorrow.

She decided to do something to help the victims. A small way to aid people stuck in miserable conditions in the flood.

She came up with this sweetest, most adorable idea you can hardly expect from a child of her age. She decided that her cycle could wait and instead chose to donate her entire savings to Kerela flood victims without a nickel of hesitation.

Anupriya with her savings

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But little did she know, that her selfless act of kindness will not go unnoticed. With her endearing gesture of donating her four years of savings without thinking twice, she won thousands of hearts across the country.

When Pankaj Munjal came to know

When the Chairman and Managing Director of Hero Cycles, Pankaj M Munjal came across this news, he decided to appreciate this noble gesture. He declared that she would get a brand-new cycle every year from Hero Motors Company. And also asked her to message them her residential address so that they can arrange for the bicycle.

He also tweeted about the same on his social media account that said, ‘Anupriya, pranam to you. You are a noble soul and wish you would spread the good around. Hero is too pleased to give you one bike every year of your life. Please share your contact on my account. Love you and best wishes. Prayers for Kerala,”.

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But when her dream came true

Anupriya’s noble gesture made her famous, as well as her dream of owning a bicycle, came true in a most surprising way it could. She received the cycle and was also offered Rs.9000 which she donated to the relief fund.

However, as strong and kind she is, she refused it politely. Instead, she asked other parents to encourage their children to save more.

What a thought!

poor girl receiving bicycle

In conclusion:

Kerela’s floods have devastated the lives of many and forced lakhs of people to abandon their homes. The entire country is reaching out to help the victims suffering in the time of this notorious catastrophe.

kerala floods

What we need is to churn out the humanitarian feelings and selflessly offer what we can, just like this little girl did. Even though she didn’t have much, she didn’t flinch even once before deciding to give away all the money she had, to people who need it more than her.

After all, we all know that the more the merrier and that every drop in the ocean counts.

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