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Pornhub’s New Parody Website ‘Scrubhub’ Shows How To Wash The Dirty Thing First

If you aren’t aware, Pornhub has made its premium content free worldwide to give people a reason to stay at their homes. And now it is back with some more ‘highly recommended’ content for its users.

As the demand for Pornhub’s content has surged ever since the lockdown, Pornhub has released a parody website called Scrubhub. While Pornhub is about porn, Scurbhub is about scrubbing.

Source – LADbible

Scrubbing what? Surely your hands, clothes and anything else that can give you coronavirus.

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Joining hands with the Amazon Dating app, the adult website announced the launch of ScrubHub on its official Twitter account. “You’ve gotten dirty on Pornhub, now it’s time to get CLEAN on Scrubhub (@scrubhubtv) Splashing sweat symbol Porhub has partnered with @aniacopian and @suzyshinn to bring you,” the tweet read.

Source – Sun Herald

If you will open the website, you will find it filled with content that teaches you to wash linen, or utensils or a person.

Source – Unilad

While Pornhub is banned in India (though you can still watch its content) there is no such ban on Scrubhub. To stream the website, go to The Scurbhub features both random people and Pornhub models.

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To friends hath dholo.

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