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Possession Of Hannah Grace Trailer: Seems Like A Promising Movie About Exorcism

‘Possession of Hannah Grace’- the trailer shows what will happen if you don’t complete exorcism.

We didn’t know anything about this movie until last week, when the first poster came out. Now after a week, as promised by Sony, the first footage of the film is also released.

I must say that the trailer looks refreshing with some newly directed horrific scenes. After the last disaster of The Nun, this seems like something that will revive my interest in the horror genre.

What’s in the trailer?

The trailer starts off with a newly hired person (played by Shay Mitchell) at a morgue. Seems kind of weird, but our protagonist is showcased quite happy to take this new work. The reason behind that could be she had a rough past.

Possession of Hannah Grace Trailer

In one of the scene, for a split moment, she was seen shooting at someone (who looked like a police officer to me). Maybe the reason she wasn’t getting a job somewhere else.

Possession of Hannah Grace Trailer

It seemed like she was trying to move on from her past by working in a morgue. Though, things changes when the cadaver of a young woman arrives during her night shift. Which is of the woman who died in the middle of exorcism performed by her family.

The twist comes when the person who brings the body cautions Megan Reed(The protagonist) about her incomplete exorcism and consequences that come along with it. And as any horror movie, she behaves as if it is nothing to be worried about.

Possession of Hannah Grace Trailer

Megan does some basic autopsy checks and then the scene shifts.
Possession of Hannah Grace Trailer
After this, is when you get to experience the trailer of horror in the movie.

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As the trailer moves towards the end, the evil soul of Hannah Grace attacked our main character and that look scary.

Possession of Hannah Grace Trailer

What we think after watching the trailer?

The movie seems to be completely focused on exorcism, a genre that has been the main focus on many brilliant horror films. Although, this movie seems to try something new and it certainly looks intriguing.

If you have seen “The Autopsy of Jane Doe 2” this trailer might seem kind of similar to you.

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Possession of Hannah Grace Trailer

If movies like Venom could fail to meet expectations, anything could happen. Directed by Diederik Van Rooijen and the cast of “The Possession of Hannah Grace” includes Shay Mitchell, Grey Damon, Kirby Johnson, and Stana Katic. I have my hopes high. Tell us what you think?

Watch the trailer here:


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