Post-Diwali Detox: You Had It All Now It’s Time To Cleanse The System

The big buzz festival of the year “Diwali” came to an end yesterday with you enjoying all the flavors (Well I did for sure ?) of festivities. Your cheat meals, and carvings for sweets got a  free hand all this week till Diwali.

Hoping that you have pleasured your taste buds and are out of the festival fever we are here to remind you about the much needed “detox” that your body needs. Ya, we know that you like to extend the freedom of eating junk but you would need a detox anyhow.

So caring for you we bring this guide for your efficient Post-Diwali detox that you need to get back on routine.

Chip In Dry Fruits

You have got plenty of them (either as Diwali Gift or for sweet preparations at home) now is the time to put them in use. Don’t go too harsh on yourself and opt for a complete liquid diet. Rather go in a planned way.

dry fruits

Dry fruits are rich in good cholesterol further they help in neutralizing the toxins (that you have got eating junk) in the stomach. A handful of dry fruits is good to help you detox while nourishing you with Vitamin B.  

Cut On Regular Form Of Sugar

Cutting sugar is clearly an essential of your detox plan, but we are not asking you to go extreme and ban it altogether. Switch to natural sources of sweetening like Jaggery, honey, fruits, etc.   


Cut on your cravings for tea and coffee and try to have a cup or two only if you feel a strong urge to sip in. 

Green Tea

You have been taking it before and now you need it even more than ever. Rich in anti-oxidants Green Tea is perfect for your complete internal cleansing.  Sip in Green Tea whenever you feel empty.

Green Tea

This would be good especially when you had a meal and still feel kind of incomplete. With a sip in you can energize yourself while carrying on the detox plan.

Keep It Light For Now

Yes, that’s the crux of the detox plan, keeping it light. Don’t opt for a heavy lunch or a heavy supper to finish off your day of detoxing. This would be the perfect strategy for blunder.


Rely on light foods like Khichdi, Salad, Fruit chaat, Dalia etc to help your system get back to normal and maintain its rhythm of detox. A heavy diet in detox days can turn the process back to zero.

Now, since you have got a plan it’s time to act and get the detox done. Well, I have started mine its better you start it before your body gets into self-detoxing (illness man) mode.

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