Post Office Scheme, Get ₹16 Lakh in 5 Years By Investing ₹333 Daily

Post Office investment schemes are one of the best investment options. Individuals investing in these schemes are the types of investors who look for lucrative returns with low to no risk probability. If you are also looking for a profitable investment option but can’t afford to lose a single hard-earned penny, then this Post Office investment scheme is launched for the investors like you.

Post Office Scheme

Let’s See How You Can Earn Small and Earn Big With Post Office Investment Scheme

Mostly, people choose bank FDs and RDs as the best options to invest in. But with the post office’s daily investment schemes like Recurring Deposits, they have become secondary or low alternatives.

Very conveniently, anyone aged above 10 years can get an RD account opened for themselves. This scheme has a minimum monthly deposit limit of ₹100 and investors can increase this limit by multiple of ₹10 each month. The post office RD investment scheme offers an interest rate of 5.8%, which is revised by the Government quarterly.

Another major benefit of investing in Post office RDs is that you can deposit small amounts daily and get a large pool of funds in return after maturity, combined with the initial invested amount as well as the interest accrued.

“The account matures after five years or 60 months from the opening date, whichever comes first. A year after the account has been opened, depositors may also withdraw up to 50 per cent of their amount. Depositors can also borrow up to 50 per cent of their deposits after one year of creating the account,” mentioned DNA India.

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“At the present interest rate of 5.8 per cent, an investor can earn almost Rs 16 lakh in returns by investing Rs 10,000 each month, or about Rs 333 every day. With a total deposit of Rs. 12 lahks for ten years and a projected return of Rs. 4. 26 lakh, the total return will be Rs. 16. 26 lakh. Every three months, the compound interest is calculated, providing investors with regular returns,” further wrote.

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