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Twitter Lights Up With Memes After Major Power Cut In Mumbai Halts Trains, Traffic Signals

Electricity supply was interrupted across many areas in Mumbai on Monday due to TATA’s incoming electric supply failure resulting in total blackout in some areas across the city, reports NDTV.

Amidst the power cut, local trains in many parts of Mumbai stopped and there is complete inactivity across households, firms, factories completely dependent on electricity.

As per a report by HT, Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport Undertaking (BEST) has confirmed that there was a grid failure on Monday morning around 9.50 am. BEST is responsible for supplying electricity across Mumbai.

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However, despite all, the people with their phone charged and data pack intact are taking on twitter to share hilarious memes about the whole incident.

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Electricity will be restored in an hour in Mumbai as per the responsible officials.

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