PPF Investment: How Much 1K, 2K, 3K, and 5K Per Month Till 15 Years Will Become

The Public Provident Fund (PPF) emerges as an exceptional investment choice, garnering immense popularity among Indians due to its multifaceted benefits. From its alluring interest rates and tax-free investment nature to the substantial maturity sum, the PPF is a paramount avenue for financial growth. Its 15-year maturity period, extending beyond, reaps manifold benefits. Unveiling three advantages today, the PPF’s unique proposition lies in consistent interest accrual post-maturity. Upon maturity, three distinct paths unfold, each promising to amplify your invested capital. In sum, the PPF not only secures your financial future but also presents dynamic prospects for continued prosperity.

PPF Investment How Much 1K, 2K, 3K, and 5K Per Month Till 15 Years Will Become

3 Major Options You Have After PPF Account Maturity

1. Claim the Corpus

Upon the culmination of your PPF account’s maturity period, you’re presented with a primary option: withdrawing both your initial deposit and the accumulated interest. Furthermore, in the scenario of closing the account, the entire corpus seamlessly transitions to your designated account. What sets this apart is the noteworthy aspect of absolute tax exemption on both the maturity funds and the accrued interest. Notably, the duration of your investment remains untaxed, underscoring the advantageous nature of this avenue.

2. Extend the Duration Without Fresh Investment

A standout feature of the PPF account is its third key advantage: a seamless continuation post-maturity, irrespective of the prior options. Opting out of the aforementioned choices doesn’t hinder the account’s operation, as it naturally extends by five years. Remarkably, further investments aren’t obligatory during this period, yet your funds continue to yield interest. Importantly, this 5-year extension can be iterated, providing an ongoing opportunity to benefit from the account’s interest accumulation.

3. Investing Even After 15 Years

An added benefit is the option to extend your account post-maturity in 5-year increments. Remember, the extension request must be made a year before maturity. During this period, you retain the flexibility to withdraw funds without being subject to premature withdrawal rules.

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How Much Your Monthly Investments Will Evolve With PPF Interest?

Investment (Rs. per month)After 15 years (Rs. per month)After 20 years (Rs. per month)
1,0003.25 lakh5.32 lakh
2,0006.50 lakhs10.65 lakh
3,0009.76 lakh15.97 lakh
5,00016.27 lakh26.63 lakh

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