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It’s Ok to Get Distracted During Meditation: Here Are The Best Ways To Clear Your Mind

In this super stressful world, everyone is trying to clam their minds.

Everyone is looking for peace, looking for an opportunity to get rid of the stress monster. That’s why meditation has become so popular in the last couple of years.

I’m sure you have tried to meditate earlier before. It might not have turned out the way you thought it would, but it’s ok. For first-timers, meditation can get super tough. And for people who don’t meditate, sitting quietly to clear off their mind is the hardest part of the meditation.

What are the problems of meditation?

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You are aware that you are supposed to clear off your mind and make it a blank slate. But there is so much going on inside your brain. That stupid tag on your collar is itching, your assignment is also pending, and is there enough food in the fridge? Your mind will be flooded with the uninvited questions when you explicitly trying not to think of anything.

No wonder so many people give up on meditation after their first try. There are just too many distractions that hold you from clearing off your mind. But don’t worry I’ve got the best meditation tip for you.

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Dedication is the key

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No one is good from the beginning, the first attempt to trying something often ends up in a big disaster. After all, you can’t master a sport or a musical instrument in the first try. But with music and sports, you are sure that you’ll get better with time. The same goes for meditation as well.

A research published at WebMD, covering the topic of meditation suggests that meditation can offer both physical and emotional benefits. It can help a person with conditions such as stress, heart disease, chronic pain, and high blood pressure.

Knowing all these benefits it’s worth giving it another shot. Try to stay dedicated to meditation, if distraction doesn’t ward off with time, you can try walking meditation. In this, you’ll be meditating while walking, keeping a soft focus on your every step and surrounding. While counting each deep breath you are able meditation with less distraction.

Because you are focusing on your breath and walking your mind won’t wander off easily. If you still feel like un-invited thoughts are entering your mind, don’t resist. Let them enter and leave. Don’t focus on them, try to think of your thoughts as moving cloud.

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Distractions are the part of the mediation

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It is hard to keep your multi-tasking mind quiet. With so much going around you and in your life, it’s normal to think of thoughts (distraction) every time you close eyes. They are just there waiting for you to close your eyes.

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But don’t worry, that’s all normal. Distractions are part of meditation. Jennice Vilhauer Ph.D. writes in Psychology Today, “Most meditation teachers will tell you that having your mind wander during meditation is perfectly normal. That bringing your attention back to your meditation every time you notice it wandering is simply part of the process.”

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In Conclusion:

Don’t stop, you are doing fine. Uninvited thoughts entering your mind while meditating is normal. Just make sure to bring back to attention to your breath as soon as you remember that your mind has wandered off.

Also, don’t try too hard to clear your mind, it’s okay to have distractions.

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