Premium Buses Set to Revolutionize Delhi’s Transit System

Do you remember when the city’s Metro system had just been established? The convenience of riding on a fast-paced metro interested us so much that people moved to their destinations on these beautiful metro trips in no time. Soon, metros were packed with commuters looking to avoid the traffic jams that affected other modes of public transportation, such as buses. Slowly, the period of packed buses began to fade, and metros became the new mode of transportation for the Aam Janta.

However, the Delhi government is currently striving to revive the culture of bus riding, and they are doing it using cutting-edge technology. It may be a bad idea right now, but you’ll reconsider once the new service breaks down this means of transportation for you.

Premium Service For Your Safety, Comfort, and Convenience

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, has declared that the state government would henceforth provide premium private buses with air conditioning and other amenities! No, it’s not the same as the red, green, and orange buses as seen on daily buses in the national capital. The premium service will be larger, better, and quicker!

According to Kejriwal, the goal of these premium buses is to provide safe, pleasant, and on-time transportation to those from the middle and higher classes. The overarching goal is to reduce the usage of private automobiles.

According to Kejriwal, individuals have enough money to buy their own automobiles and drive them every day, but it takes a lot of gas. He believes that if given the choice between a pleasant bus and a car, people will select the buses. Although there is no set date for when these buses will be available, they will be available after all necessary clearances have been obtained.

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Premium Bus Features

One of the most appealing elements that drew our attention was the ability to reserve bus tickets using a mobile app. This implies that residents will be able to book seats on these luxury buses using a special app that will be built expressly for this purpose. The Delhi government intends to hire 200 women bus drivers for DTC

For your protection, this premium bus service will also have GPS, CCTV cameras, and panic buttons. Wi-Fi and air conditioners will be available for your comfort. This is likely to encourage the general population to utilise this method of transportation anytime they go on Delhi roadways.

What will be the ticket price for Delhi’s premium bus service?

Because the bus would have a lot of amenities, Kejriwal acknowledged that the tickets will inevitably be more expensive than the ones we get on regular DTC buses. These fares will be determined by the market.

Kejriwal also disclosed that there would be no standing passengers on the bus and that these buses will be operated by private aggregators who will be required to pay a licencing fee in order to possess them.

According to the CM, only CNG and electric buses that are less than three years old will be employed as premium buses. The electric buses that will be utilised in the service will have their licence fees waived. Women will not be able to travel for free on the premium buses.

After January 1, 2024, the Delhi government will only permit and licence electric buses for this service. The licence, according to several media sources, will only be valid for five years.

Road Revolution in Delhi

Premium buses are being welcomed as the next massive project that will transform the face of the journey in the nation’s capital. According to Kejriwal, the files have been forwarded to Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena’s office for clearance. He is expecting that the proposal will be authorised. Once the LG office has approved the proposal, the Delhi government will post the policy online for public comment.

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